Make Your Next Event Special with a Macaron Cake

It is long rumored that just prior to the start of the French Revolution, Queen Marie Antoinette, wife of French King Louis XVI, uttered the phrase “let them eat cake” (in French, of course) when told that the peasants had no bread to eat. As the story goes, this did not sit well with the French common people, and perhaps she and the King would have fared better if she had said “let them eat a Macaron Cake” instead.

If you’re just not into that whole French Revolution thing, you can still celebrate just about any occasion with a delicious Macaron Cake. Le Macaron French Pastries®makes Macaron Cakes to celebrate birthdays, weddings, holidays, anniversaries, major life events, or to just let someone special know how much you mean to them.

They Say It’s Your Birthday

What better way is there to celebrate another trip around the sun than with a taste-bud-tempting Macaron Birthday Cake? We love birthdays and our Macaron Birthday Cake is the perfect surprise to enhance your celebration and satisfy the sweet tooth of all your guests.

Put on your birthday hats, blow your whistles, string up some balloons and celebrate in style with a Macaron Birthday Cake! We can create custom Macaron Birthday Cakes with a variety of colors, flavors and styles to make your special day a very special day complete with festive sprinkles! Oh, and we promise that nothing will be popping out of our Macaron Birthday Cakes other than pure delicious goodness.

Here Comes The Bride

Something old… check. Something borrowed… check. Something blue… check. Something new? How about a Macaron Wedding Cake from Le Macaron French Pastries? Everyone knows that the bride will be all dressed in white, but a spectacular Red Velvet Macaron Wedding Cake just might steal the spotlight, even if just for a moment. If Red Velvet isn’t your thing, choose from our other exclusive Macaron Cake flavors such as Creme de Rose, Pistachio, Lavender, or even classic Vanilla.

Your wedding party guests will fall in love with our delicious Macaron Cakes, and you’d better keep an eye on the bridesmaids and groomsmen, because once they get a taste of a Macaron Wedding Cake, they’ll be saying “I do” to authentic flavorful bliss.

What is a Macaron Cake?

A Le Macaron French Pastries®Macaron Cake is the perfect gluten-free, party-sized dessert for celebrating your special event or occasion, and it might just help you avoid a dessert revolt! We offer a variety of Macaron Cakes including moist batter cakes adorned with ample quantities of our sweet macarons (over 20 flavors to choose from), sandwiched jumbo macarons layered with delicious creams and fruits, or tangy meringue tarts… each one a mouth-watering dessert that will delight your guests.

You can choose a Macaron Cake from a standard menu selection, or we can make a custom Macaron Cake based on your specifications. Each of our Macaron Cakes typically contains 8-10 portions and is made with real, natural, and high quality ingredients.

Let Them Eat a Le Macaron French Pastries®Macaron Cake!

Nobody enjoys a revolt, and by now we know that you’re asking yourself — where can I find a Le Macaron French Pastries®Macaron Cake near me? It’s pretty easy, actually. Just check out our locations and prove to all of your friends that you are, indeed, smarter than Marie Antoinette and serve a Macaron Cake at your next birthday, wedding or other special event.

If you don’t want to leave the house, we have you covered. We do local deliveries!  If you are in an area that doesn’t have a Le Macaron, then check out our franchise opportunities and be the first to bring our delicious treats, including our Macaron Cakes, to your friends and neighbors.