Crafting Custom Macaron Towers for Your Next Event

When it comes to celebrating any special event, macarons are the perfect treat! These bite-sized delicacies, available in so many different flavors and colors, are the ideal sweet to complete events such as birthdays, graduations, promotions, weddings, and much more. But did you know that you can have your cake and eat it, too? That’s right — besides the hand-held delights, several amazing cakes inspired by macarons can enhance your next celebration.

What are Macaron Cakes?

Macaron cakes are gluten-free gourmet delights that are party-sized and perfect for sharing with friends and family at your special event.

The Macaron cakes are two shells of macaron giant-sized with different fillings in the middle comprising three flavors: “Birthday cake, “Rose, Raspberry, and Lychee” and “Chocolate Raspberry

  • Jumbo Macarons: Oversized macarons sandwiched in layers of flavorful creams, fruits, ganache
  • Towers: Stacks of your favorite flavors arranged in layers to form a tower of sweet, bite-sized delights

Macaron Perfection: Custom Macarons for Unforgettable Celebrations

With so many options for macaron cakes, there’s certain to be a perfect choice for your special event. From macaron towers for graduation cakes and everything in between, your local Le Macaron French Pastries location has a perfect macaron cake for the celebration. You can choose from some of our standard offerings.

Custom Macaron Towers

Say “I do” to tantalizing sweetness and let your wedding guests fall in love with one of Le Macaron’s delightful custom macaron towers. Even though the bride will be all dressed in white, it may be a delicious Red Velvet macaron cake that captures the attention of everyone in the room. If red doesn’t fit the theme, choose from and create a custom wedding cake from other exclusive flavors like Crème de Rose, Pistachio, Lavender, Chocolate, or classic Vanilla.

For the ultimate experience of sweetness and variety, a custom-created macaron cake tower from Le Macaron French Pastries is the perfect selection for the party. Mix and match your favorite colors and flavors to create a layered stack of individual macarons that will delight everyone’s sweet senses. These cake towers can vary in style and size and are customized to your preferences.

Classic Alacazar Cakes

When tried and true is the need, Le Macaron Alacazar Cakes are the only way to go. You have a special event around the corner and nothing hits the spot like Le Macaron’s custom Alacazar Cake. This delicacy is naturally made with gluten-free ingredients – a chocolate mousse cake for all chocolate lovers.This delicious batter cake is rich and indulgent, covered in creamy chocolate icing and exquisite chocolate macarons. The classic chocolate cake is perfect for celebrating milestones, promotions, and graduations and will surely please any chocolate lover.

Gateau Choco-Coconut Cakes

A “gateau” is the French embodiment of decadence. These exquisite cakes feature a delicious combination of chocolate and coconut, balanced perfectly on our soft tart crust, surrounded by a fine crust. If the occasion calls for something truly different and decadent, then a Le Macaron Gateau Choco-Coconut cake is the ideal choice to impress.

Let’s Create Some Cakes Together

As you can see, there’s a Le Macaron French Pastries macaron-inspired cake for practically any occasion. With so many different flavors, styles, and combinations, Le Macaron can create the perfect sweet delight for whatever you may be celebrating. Impress your guests at future events by serving delicious macaron cakes instead of boring desserts. All you have to do is call or visit your local Le Macaron French Pastries location and start creating your next dessert masterpiece.

Suppose you don’t have a Le Macaron French Pastries location near you, and you have an entrepreneurial spirit. In that case, you should consider opening your own franchise so you never have to serve store-bought cakes and cookies again! If this sounds like a sweet temptation, start by filling out the inquiry form on our website and begin your journey with us.

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