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The macaron is considered to be the jewel of French pastries in Europe. Our macarons will delight ... First bite is a surprise. Second bite is the flavor. Third bite is the pleasure™... all adding up to create a mouthful of heaven!

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At Le Macaron French Pastries our exceptional products speak for themselves. Our true French macarons are the perfect delicacy, original and elegant; French gelato, French pastries, European style beverages and more! They can simply be described as: Little luxuries that make people smile.

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French Macarons Macaron - Violet Cassis
Violet Cassis
French Macarons Macaron - Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum
French Macarons Macaron - Madagascar Black Vanilla
Madagascar Black Vanilla
French Macarons Macaron - Mango
French Macarons Macaron - Rose
French Macarons Macaron - Sicilian Pistachio
Sicilian Pistachio
French Macarons Macaron - Basil White Chocolate
Basil White Chocolate
French Macarons Macaron - Colombian Coffee
Colombian Coffee
French Macarons Macaron - Salted Caramel
Salted Caramel
French Macarons Macaron - Belgian Chocolate
Belgian Chocolate
French Macarons Macaron - Lemon Cream
Lemon Cream
French Macarons Macaron - Ginger Bread
Ginger Bread
French Macarons Macaron - Strawberry Key Lime
Strawberry Key Lime
French Macarons Macaron - Lavender White Chocolate
Lavender White Chocolate
French Macarons Macaron - Orange Grand Marnier with Chocolate
Orange Grand Marnier with Chocolate
French Macarons Macaron - Mint White Chocolate
Mint White Chocolate
French Macarons Macaron - Coconut
French Macarons Macaron - Chocolate Praline
Chocolate Praline
French Macarons Macaron - Raspberry
French Macarons Macaron - Red Velvet
Red Velvet
French Macarons Macaron - Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter

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Open your own Le Macaron French Pastries location, and benefit from our streamlined operations, no complex food production, and minimal staffing requirements.

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Visit one of our pastry shops and enjoy an authentic French Pastry Café experience featuring Le Macaron, America's newest dessert darling ... Magnifique!

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Macarons are the perfect delicacy to bring an elegant, timeless touch to your special event. You're sure to surprise your guests with these irresistible treats.

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The customer service was excellent and I loved all the things I tried.I was very pleased with my experience being a french dessert and pastry lover!!!
— Claire H, Posted October 5th 2019 on Google
Good time fun time excellent tattoo artists are cool make you have fun getting a tattoo I recommend coming here
— Tanya Griffin, Posted October 1st 2019 on Google
Friendly people, delicious macarons 😊
— Quara Hansen, Posted September 22nd 2019 on Google
Friendly staff and delicious macarons!
— Kimberly Perrye, Posted September 14th 2019 on Google
Different but I like
— SASSY SAS, Posted September 14th 2019 on Google
Delicious Macaron’s and such a variety of flavors. Highly recommend this place!!
— Jas Virk, Posted September 8th 2019 on Google
Kid loves it... not for me lol
— John Wadsworth, Posted September 7th 2019 on Google
Fun little place, very yummy!
— Jason Owen, Posted September 7th 2019 on Google
I loved the macarons,Very nice place, excellent service I definitely will return again 👍🏼😊
— Flor Carreon, Posted September 6th 2019 on Google
The great variety!!!!!
— Stephen Russell, Posted September 4th 2019 on Google
A rather unique find in Paseo Nuevo...real French macarons! I wide variety of flavors, from typical to a little exotic. Also for sale, some gelato. I like supporting unique small businesses, and recommend this one.
— Antonio Barata, Posted August 31st 2019 on Google
Great croissants! I've never been a fan of croissants and always thought the ones from various retailers where kind of lackluster. But I went in to buy an eclair (vanilla kind, which was delicious also) but needed to spend at least $5 in order to use a credit card, so I thought I'd give a croissant another try. So swe...
— Tara M, Posted August 20th 2019 on Google
So delicious! My daughter and I tried these yesterday!
— Jacquelyn Riffee, Posted August 17th 2019 on Google
Delicious. Wonderful staff. Plethora of sweets. Need I say more? We enjoyed both gelato and macaroons on this visit and bought more macaroons to share at home after how delicious our sample was! Try the pistachio - you will not be disappointed.
— Elizabeth M., Posted August 13th 2019 on Yelp
Very good food Excellent service I forgot one of the names or something well I was there resting after buying somethings waiting for my time to raid Area 51 with my friends the Naruto runners and we had great chats with the staff you should check them out they don’t have the praise they deserve (ps if you can tell wh...
— vikas damani, Posted August 5th 2019 on Google
We are so grateful to have Le Macaron as a part of SAFE 2 SAVE! Thank you for all you do in your community to help end distracted driving. Be sure to check out Le Macaron and know that when you visit, you are making an impact + helping to end one of the highest preventable deaths in the US! Download SAFE 2 SAVE and en...
— Safe 2 Save .., Posted August 1st 2019 on Yelp
Very good food Excellent service I forgot one of the names or something well I was there resting after buying somethings waiting for my time to raid Area 51 with my friends the Naruto runners and we had great chats with the staff you should …
— vikas damani, Posted July 29th 2019 on Google
Just mmmmm
— Dumas Bey, Posted July 21st 2019 on Google
My husband and I were walking around after getting coffee and found this gem!! We recently moved down here and haven't explored too much yet. The owner was so sweet and helpful and gave us a free macaron since it was our first time! We ended up getting a red velvet, Madagascar vanilla, salted caramel, rose, and lavende...
— Brittany G., Posted June 29th 2019 on Yelp
This little gem is such a great addition to our area! Stopped in and sampled some of the Macarons. They are delectable!! We had the Basil & White Chocolate, Pistachio and Rose, they literally melt in your mouth. AMAZING!! The shoppe is full of great little gift ideas, and creative & artistic desserts. We will definit...
— Penni O., Posted June 25th 2019 on Yelp
Excellent macarons! Many varieties. Helpful staff too.
— Louisa Tsuchida, Posted June 23rd 2019 on Google
Enjoyed the friendly service and Macaroons, Gelato and Espresso was delicious. Top notch!👍
— Brian Sullivan, Posted June 23rd 2019 on Google
Great place to grab and special treat and the have a great selection of gluten free options!
— Brian Rode, Posted June 18th 2019 on Google
The shop is very cute and clean. I placed my order online and it was ready within a few hours.
— Morgan Hill, Posted June 6th 2019 on Google
So sweet so great ❤️😘 wish I could get one of every thing ❤️
— George McFry, Posted May 23rd 2019 on Google
Their gelato is so delicious. And so are their macarons! If you go there try their banana chocolate gelato!
— Ian B., Posted May 14th 2019 on Yelp
I have visited Le Macaron three times now, and will be back soon!  If you enjoy Macarons or want to try them for the first time you will love this place. Easily accessible in the Liberty Center outdoor shopping district, you walk into a small but inviting sweet shop with colorful art and colorful cases full of macaron...
— Johnnie C., Posted May 12th 2019 on Yelp
Their gelato is delicious The banana chocolate gelato was subtle The Bulgarian apricot gelato was surprisingly complex!
— Alan G., Posted May 11th 2019 on Yelp
Good coffee and the macaroons were delicious, the mango one was my favorite.
— Sherif Labib, Posted May 5th 2019 on Google
So great.
— Barbee Rehab, Posted April 29th 2019 on Google
The best macarons I've ever had! I usually am somewhat disappointed in the texture of macarons but these are absolutely amazing! The perfect balance of the texture of the cookie and the filling! The mango sorbet was so delicious! It tasted like the ripest juiciest mango. The lavender cone was a mild floral compliment. ...
— Ciara B., Posted April 12th 2019 on Yelp
My mom and I had just stopped in to get out of the rain and decided to grab some tea and some macaroons. They were delicious! My moms favorite is the pistachio, and I really liked the chocolate and the rose flavors. The tea was great! Nice atmosphere!
— Grace Pharo, Posted April 7th 2019 on Google
Cute place, yummy macarons, eclairs, candies etc...
— Shelley Chapman, Posted April 6th 2019 on Google
— Vanh ວັນ Keoprasert ແກ້ວປຮະເສີດ, Posted April 4th 2019 on Google
I LOVE Macarons & this shoppe delivers! Delightful customer service & delicious macarons.
— Cyndi Blauner, Posted March 20th 2019 on Google
Professional, knowledgeable and macaroons are so yummy!!
— Katie McCormick, Posted March 11th 2019 on Google
Delicious! Beautiful macarons, classy shop, fresh coffee, and friendly service. Highly recommended!
— Eric Leonard, Posted March 6th 2019 on Google
Cute shop! Bought 10 different macarons and they were all delicious! My daughter’s love macarons and these are some of the best! Taste very fresh. We will be back!
— Maija Turner, Posted March 6th 2019 on Google
Great french pasties! Really nice owners and their french!
— Dwight N Jabot, Posted March 5th 2019 on Google
The most amazing rose macarons ever! I never liked macarons before coming here; these are the only ones I will eat. It may sound odd to eat something rose flavored, but you should definitely give these a try. Amazing! Great staff and good lattes. :)
— Nicole & Aaron Schmidt, Posted March 4th 2019 on Google
More than just macarons! This French inspired establishment offers pastries, chocolates, coffee, milkshakes, and of course, a large variety of macarons of all colors and flavors! All with excuisite taste and presentation! Great customer service and a very pleasant environment!
— My Day Adventures - Maritza Ortega, Posted February 12th 2019 on Google
the macaron have amazing flavor and are just the perfect cruchy outside and and soft inside they are amazing
— Heather Strausbaugh, Posted January 15th 2019 on Facebook
Picked up an assorted 6 pack NYE. they were the worst Macaron's I have ever had. They were squishy and stale. I never made it past trying 2 flavors. Such a waste of $16.
— Valerie Jack, Posted January 4th 2019 on Facebook
I was blown away by these. They're delicate and delicious.
— Helen Moriarty, Posted January 1st 2019 on Facebook
They are the best in the Pittsburgh area
— Parker Keeler, Posted December 18th 2018 on Facebook
best service and flavor! I have to recommend these for sure!
— Corinne Alice Purks, Posted November 28th 2018 on Facebook
Best cookies that I have tasted. Kids call them pretty patties and I agree. Amazing texture it tastes like a piece of Paris.
— Chanti Kanani Ramirez, Posted November 22nd 2018 on Facebook
My mom and I took a shopping break to try some macarons. The workers were kind and the macarons were great!
— Monica Fischer, Posted November 10th 2018 on Facebook
Wonderful and fresh! I love them!
— Amanda Eakle, Posted November 9th 2018 on Facebook
The macarons are always good as well as their coffee
— Dinael Oropeza, Posted November 4th 2018 on Google
Such a yummy treat! How can you go wrong with flavorful, melt in your mouth cookies?!? So many flavors to choose from and incredible, friendly staff! Stop by if you have the chance!
— Erika Maddamma, Posted October 31st 2018 on Facebook
Love, Love, Love!! I was never a fan of macarons, but these have totally changed my mind! I can't wait to get my next dozen.
— Tara Jean Schaaf, Posted October 29th 2018 on Facebook
I’d definitely recommend these macarons to anyone looking for a tasty treat! The owner was super nice and helpful as I tried to figure out which flavors to choose. Great experience!
— Abigail Minzer, Posted October 25th 2018 on Facebook
Le macaron catered my wedding with Le macarons and chocolate candy that tasted very very good and I'm so thankful the way they went out of their way to ensure everything was wonderful on my wedding
— Steve Kidd, Posted October 6th 2018 on Google
(Translated by Google) Very good deal. (Original) Muy buen trato.
— Alicia Cruz, Posted October 6th 2018 on Google
The best French pastries!!!
— Julie August, Posted October 6th 2018 on Google
These are delicious...melt in your mouth heavenly good.
— Jill Reeves, Posted October 6th 2018 on Google
Absolutely love the ambiance, so cute and fresh. The macaroons are absolutely amazing and the staff is even more amazing. The owners are extremely nice and sweet. Best in the business for sure!
— Brianna Chase, Posted October 5th 2018 on Google
Great service, and wonderful people! The macarons are actually really good! 10/10
— Mystic Demon, Posted October 5th 2018 on Google
The macarons are authentic and beautiful! Chocolates are colorful and pack lots of flavor! The gelato always satisfies cravings :)
— Lillie, Posted October 5th 2018 on Google
Love the whole Le Macaron concept. A little piece of France in Florida. Love the owners! Nice to sample gelato flavors before selecting one. You won’t be disappointed in a trip to Le Macaron Ponte Vedra Beach!
— Tatyana Hamel, Posted October 5th 2018 on Google
Good choice for us visiting Santa Barbara. Loved the macaroons and the ice cream, and what can I say about the cashier.. she was awesome!!!!
— Mery Alvarez, Posted September 14th 2018 on Facebook
(Translated by Google) Very good deal (Original) Muy buen trato.
— Alicia Cruz, Posted August 21st 2018 on Google
Macaroons are pretty good. My fav was the salted caramel.
— Elise Messier, Posted August 9th 2018 on Facebook
Great macrons! I recommend mojito and rose flavors. Lavender I've cream was delicious as well!!
— Urvi C., Posted July 4th 2018 on Yelp
Dessert place. Really like their macaroons. Not much on the menu except macaroons and gelato.
— Marc Miller, Posted May 25th 2018 on Google
My children's faces lit up when they bit into these macarons. A special treat! They had so many flavors and they are displayed beautifully.
— Alexandra U., Posted May 22nd 2018 on Yelp
Les macarons sont fantastique et delicioux!!!!!!!!
— Colby Higginbotham, Posted May 20th 2018 on Facebook
This place was amazing. Fast service and AMAZING food. If anyone out there has a but allergy none of the macaroons have nuts except for the nut flavoured ones. The staff was also really friendly! Love this place
— A P., Posted April 20th 2018 on Yelp
Delicious and tasty macaroons and chocolates.
— daren green, Posted March 26th 2018 on Google