Macaron Catering: How to Create the Perfect Macaron Spread

When it’s time to plan your next big event — birthday party, corporate gathering, anniversary, or holiday get-together — you don’t have to offer your guests the same old boring treats like cake and dry cookies. Le Macaron French Pastries will help you assemble a remarkable collection of the best macaron flavors, colors, and textures to fit your party’s theme and satisfy the sweet cravings of all your guests. When you team up with our macaron catering experts, we will help you get creative with the perfect macaron spread for your special event or gift needs.

The Art of Pairing: Building the Right Palette to Match the Occasion

From classic flavors to fruity delights to seasonal sensations, the experts at Le Macaron French Pastries can help you select the best combination of colors, flavors, fillings, and textures to fit the mood or theme of your special event. Here are some French macaron catering suggestions for a few popular celebrations.

  • Birthdays: Get creative with your macaron catering needs and let the guest of honor’s personality be your guide. For a child’s birthday, pair playful colors with fun flavors such as Bubblegum, Birthday Cake, or Banana Chocolate. For the grown-ups, go with more elegant options such as Madagascar Black Vanilla, Salted Caramel, or Mint White Chocolate.
  • Graduations: Mark this momentous occasion with flavors that symbolize achievement and new beginnings. Think sophisticated options such as Chocolate Praline, Lavender White Chocolate, or Sicilian Pistachio. Consider incorporating school colors or the graduate’s future career path into the flavor palette. For example, a medical student might appreciate more subtle colors and flavors, whereas an artist might enjoy vibrant colors and bold flavors.
  • Holiday Gatherings: Our macaron catering experts can tailor your spread to match any holiday celebration. With colors to match every holiday and seasonal favorite flavors like Gingerbread, Pumpkin, and Mon Cheri, the holiday spirit can be elevated with sweet macaron delights.
  • Weddings and Baby Showers: Soft pastels and neutral colors can be matched with classic flavors like Lemon Cream, Coconut, Belgian Chocolate, Rose, and Mint White Chocolate. Incorporating the couple’s initials (wedding) or due date (baby shower) can make the celebration treats even more personal.
  • Corporate Events: Incorporating company colors or a combination of color and flavor that reflects company attributes will be a big hit at corporate events. Favorites like Colombian Coffee, Red Velvet, Belgian Chocolate, and Coconut are always a good call.
  • Other Celebrations: With Le Macaron catering services, there’s almost no limit to the combinations that can be created to match your celebration. For a luau, go with Coconut, Mango, or Strawberry Key Lime. For a Summer picnic, go with Lavender or Raspberry.

Beyond Colors and Flavors: Don’t Forget the Presentation

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Once you’ve worked with your macaron catering team to pick the perfect combination of colors, flavors, and textures for your event, you’ll need to decide how to display or present the delicate delights. Depending upon the type of event, how these sweet treats are presented or delivered adds to the celebration.

  • Macaron Towers: Your macarons can be used to create a beautiful tower consisting of five to ten levels of color and flavor. Macarons can be creatively displayed in a multitude of ways that add a festive touch to the event.
  • Corporate Gifts: Employees will know they are appreciated when they are presented with elegant gift boxes or wrapped macaron gifts containing an assortment of irresistible macaron treats carefully selected by your macaron catering team.
  • Gift Boxes: Our expert macaron catering team will help you explore your creativity in assembling the perfect combination of macarons to include in flavor boxes of 6-, 12-, and 20-count options.
  • Party Favors: Send your guests home with a gift of tantalizing sweetness that lets them know how special they are. Our macaron catering team will create 1-, 2-, or 4-count macaron boxes of flavor delights tailored to your special event.

Tips for Macaron Catering Mastery

The importance of working with the Le Macaron Catering experts to pick the colors, flavors, textures, and presentation type for your event cannot be understated. That said, the most important ingredient is your creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with the entire process from building the palette to choosing the display! You may also wish to consider any special dietary needs for those with allergies or opt for macarons that are gluten-free.

Le Macaron Catering Experts are Ready to Cater Your Next Event

When you’re ready to start planning that next big event, be sure to reach out to the macaron catering experts at your local Le Macaron French Pastries location. Our expert team is prepared to assist you with putting together the ultimate macaron spread to impress your guests and satisfy their sweet tooth desires. If you don’t have a Le Macaron near you, then perhaps consider joining our family and opening your own Le Macaron French Pastries franchise.

If you have a love for sweet delicacies and an entrepreneurial spirit, get started by filling out the inquiry form on our website.

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