Macaron Catering: Events Made Easy

When it comes to taking the guesswork out of assembling a dessert for your next special occasion, Le Macaron has got you covered. Sweet treats fit into the framework of several different types of events, with macarons in particular offering a uniquely stylish and singularly scrumptious alternative to other popular dessert options. Taking the little cookie’s versatility into account, it’s a no-brainer why macaron catering is becoming an increasingly popular option for gatherings across the country.

From luncheons and banquets to weddings, baby showers, and beyond, macaron catering fits a unique demand. Customers seeking a distinctive, impressive, and delicious pastry need look no further than the humble macaron. Keep reading to learn why event planners are increasingly Googling “macaron catering near me” and how our famous pastries can make your next get-together feel extra special.

Options By The Dozen

Macaron catering is experiencing increased popularity due in no small part to the pastry’s one-of-a-kind presentation and taste. For more and more people, generic cupcakes from the grocery store simply won’t cut it, especially when their hard-earned money could be spent elsewhere on something more personal. Catering with us ensures that you’ll come prepared with superior sweets that express your creativity and satisfy your guests.

Explore Our Seasonal Macaron Menu

We’re proud to offer our customers a multitude of macaron varieties to choose from, encouraging them to mix and match different flavors and savor all of the unique tastes we have available. Our seasonal offerings can add an extra layer of festive fun to season-specific events–and yes, for all of you Fall-lovers out there, we do feature a pumpkin macaron. Take a look at our menu and let your mind wander. Who knows what flavor combinations you’ll come up with for your next event?

Macaron Towers: A Feast for the Eyes!


Macaron towers are another eye-catching option, affording you an entirely new dimension in which to display your creativity. All of these wonderful macaron catering possibilities are yours to explore as you consider what exactly your event calls for.

Whether your order is big or small, simple or complicated, macarons are perfect for a plethora of events. Still curious about taking the macaron catering route with your next event? Get inspired by some of the example events listed below.

Bun In The Oven

Expecting mothers have so much on their plates leading up to the big day, and their baby showers can offer a moment of respite and camaraderie during an exciting but stressful time. French macaron catering gives you the ability to offer guests custom treats that commemorate the occasion and celebrate le joie de vivre. Our chocolate macaron cake makes an excellent snack during the festivities and our gift boxes are the perfect party favor for attendees to take home and enjoy after the shower. But the best part? You don’t have to bake them! We know that planning a baby shower can be stressful, so let us take care of dessert.

Saying “I Do” To Macarons

Spring has sprung, wedding season is upon us, and no reception is complete without dessert. Our macaron catering options allow you to display a marvelously unique dessert spread that will bring smiles to your guests’ faces. Our signature macarons let you impart a personal touch that will leave friends and family buzzing long into the night. Plus, the bridal party will undoubtedly feel cherished when they receive gift boxes of macarons after the festivities have concluded. Whether as reception treats or as gifts, macarons are the perfect accoutrement to your celebration.

Catering To Your Community

Local organizations, clubs, and athletic programs all regularly host events that are perfect for macaron catering. These tasty pastries fit right in at any group dinner; color-coordinated creations easily tie a buffet spread together, reminding guests of the reason for their congregation. The grab-and-go essence of macarons makes them a natural fit at the banquet table, acting as perfect single-serving desserts that will leave diners scrounging to grab seconds. If you want to add a little extra flair to your next gathering, whatever it may be, French macaron catering is the winning choice.

Your Party, Your Rules

More than anything, the flexibility of macaron catering makes it a reliable option for any type of event. Whether it’s a small birthday get-together or a multi-generational family reunion, high-quality French macaron catering with Le Macaron is the easy way to give your gathering a memorable, personal touch.

We’re happy to help you outline and execute a high-quality macaron catering plan that is sure to satisfy, your imagination being our guide. Let’s collaborate and make it an event to remember. Reach out to our family of franchise owners to get started!