How Many Calories in a French Macaron?

(And Other Frequently Asked Macaron Questions)

As one of the fastest growing café franchises for sale, Le Macaron French Pastries®is proud to share the history and tradition behind French culinary culture.

Our French café franchise owners join in the movement to introduce the best of French culture to their communities through our growing selection of authentic pastries. From the moment guests enter their local Le Macaron French Pastries®shop to the second our light, airy delicacies dance across their palates, dessert lovers are immersed in our upscale brand experience.

The French macaron continues to rise to dessert fame across the United States. In fact, by 2014, the macaron had been declared “the new cupcake” by various news sources more than 70 times. But, what exactly is this petit treat we’ve come to know and love in the states?

Well, we’ve answered some of your biggest questions a our beloved macarons below:

Is it “macaroon” or “macaron?”

At our French pastry shops, we’eve coined a saying, ?Macaron, oui! Macaroon, non!? The French macaron (pronounced mah-kuh-rohn) and the American macaroon (pronounced mak-uh-roon) are two entirely different desserts. The macaroon is a small, chewy cookie covered in shredded coconut and sometimes dipped in chocolate. The French macaron is a lighter cookie filled with various flavors sandwiched between two crispy shells that are similar to a wafer in texture.

What is a French macaron?

French macarons are light, crispy cookies made of ground almonds and meringue. Macarons fit right into the palm of your hand and feature a number of fillings, including homemade fruit jams, ganache, rich cream and much more. Dessert lovers enjoy the crisp crunch of the outer shell followed by the sweet, chewy center.

Are French macarons gluten-free?

Macarons from Le Macaron French Pastries®are made with no gluten-containing ingredients and no preservatives.

How many calories are in a French macaron?

Each of our French café franchises’ authentic macarons contain about 80 calories each and are free of any artificial flavors or preservatives, so they’re the perfect guilt-free treat!

Le Macaron French Pastries®is more than a macaron business – we’re a culinary experience. A large part of that involves community engagement and education through food! If you’re interested in learning more about French café franchises for sale near you and the opportunity to own a Le Macaron, speak with a member of our franchise support team today.