Delivering New Products to Keep Guests Coming Through the Door

Posted on Dec 30th 2016


Delivering New Products to Keep Guests Coming Through the Door

In our industry, curiosity is key. Today's consumers are always eager to satisfy their sweet tooth with new products. Le Macaron French Pastries has met that demand since 2009 – answering the call for tasty, creative desserts with our diverse product selection. We offer guests more than 20 flavors of our decadent French macarons, made with the finest quality ingredients and a noteworthy degree of culinary excellence.

Though these signature sweets steal the show at our French pastry shops, there's much more than meets the eye. We're constantly introducing new treats to keep guests coming through the door.

Here are a few ways that Le Macaron French Pastries leverages product development to make a breakthrough in the pastry shop niche:

We enrich our current offering.

We've mastered the art of introducing new products that build upon our current menu. For example, our hot mini madeleines put a bite-sized spin on the French classic. By preparing them right in front of guests' eyes, this new addition allowed us to innovate while amplifying the magic of the pastry franchise experience.

We embrace seasonality.

Seasonal developments present built-in opportunities to introduce new items. Guests loved seeing tiny, chocolate versions of the beloved Peter Cottontail in our pastry franchise locations during Easter. Limited-time offerings like that allow us to take advantage of holidays and seasonal events to drive sales and boost brand awareness.

We introduce complementary items.

Who can enjoy a delectable macaron without a cup of espresso? And, our cool, creamy French-style gelato – paired with a macaron – is a match made in heaven. Much of our product offering works together to provide guests with the most fulfilling pastry shop experience. Beyond offering complementary items, we encourage guests to pair complementary flavors and fully indulge in a true taste of France.

From the introduction of a new product to the moment it begins to fly off of display shelves, Le Macaron French Pastries supports owner-operators in marketing new products. Contact our pastry shop franchise support team today to discuss the many opportunities our franchise owners have to innovate!

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