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Handmade at our very own confectionary, our macarons make delightful desserts for festive parties or a fun treat for yourself and a friend. At around 80 calories each and made with no gluten containing ingredients, these sweet treats are great for sharing and offering as a gift for any occasion.

The Le Macaron French Pastries® pastry shop macaron menu includes colorful confections, available in 20 flavors. Beyond our signature macaron selection, our luscious dessert menu includes gourmet chocolates, creamy French gelato, specialty European style coffees, classic French pastries and homemade candies. You will want to come back often to experience our limited-time seasonal macaron flavors and fresh seasonal offerings.

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Carlsbad Macarons - Violet Cassis
Violet Cassis
Carlsbad Macarons - Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum
Carlsbad Macarons - Madagascar Black Vanilla
Madagascar Black Vanilla
Carlsbad Macarons - Mango
Carlsbad Macarons - Rose
Carlsbad Macarons - Sicilian Pistachio
Sicilian Pistachio
Carlsbad Macarons - Basil White Chocolate
Basil White Chocolate
Carlsbad Macarons - Colombian Coffee
Colombian Coffee
Carlsbad Macarons - Salted Caramel
Salted Caramel
Carlsbad Macarons - Belgian Chocolate
Belgian Chocolate
Carlsbad Macarons - Lemon Cream
Lemon Cream
Carlsbad Macarons - Ginger Bread
Ginger Bread
Carlsbad Macarons - Strawberry Key Lime
Strawberry Key Lime
Carlsbad Macarons - Lavender White Chocolate
Lavender White Chocolate
Carlsbad Macarons - Orange Grand Marnier with Chocolate
Orange Grand Marnier with Chocolate
Carlsbad Macarons - Mint White Chocolate
Mint White Chocolate
Carlsbad Macarons - Coconut
Carlsbad Macarons - Chocolate Praline
Chocolate Praline
Carlsbad Macarons - Raspberry
Carlsbad Macarons - Red Velvet
Red Velvet
Carlsbad Macarons - Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter
Carlsbad - Savories
Carlsbad - Eclairs
Carlsbad - Madeleines
Carlsbad - Pains au Chocolats
Pains au Chocolats
Carlsbad - Glace pistache
Glace pistache
Carlsbad - Glace chocolat
Glace chocolat
Carlsbad - Glace caramel
Glace caramel
Carlsbad - French Sorbet
French Sorbet
Carlsbad - Macaron Cake
Macaron Cake
Carlsbad - Meringue
Carlsbad - Raspberry Cake
Raspberry Cake
Carlsbad - Gateau Choco-Coconut
Gateau Choco-Coconut
Carlsbad - Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake
Carlsbad - Macaron Glace
Macaron Glace
Carlsbad - Cake of The King
Cake of The King
Carlsbad - Waffles
Carlsbad - Candies
Carlsbad - Fine Chocolates
Fine Chocolates

Our Macarons vs Other Macarons

Inspired by the French quality of life, our concept is about allowing oneself a little luxury. It requires us to slow our pace and savor life?s little pleasures.

Macaron Carlsbad
Carlsbad Macaron
Carlsbad Macaron
  • Handcrafted with no preservatives.
  • About 80 calories each.
  • Each one of our macarons is
    around 20 grams.
  • Made with Love.
  • Our shells are full of flavor.
  • Made with the finest non-gluten ingredients.

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