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Dense, creamy and oh-so-sweet, gelato, or glace, is a favorite of French desserts. If you think gelato is just like ice cream, think again! Traditional American ice cream is airy and light, where French gelato is thick, creamy and custardy. Even more indulgent than Italian gelato, French glace is something that every ice cream lover should try.

At Le Macaron, we have three traditional glace flavors available: pistache, chocolat and caramel and a French sorbet for those who prefer fruity flavors. Can’t decide between glace or macarons? Try our Glace Macaron, a macaron gelato cookie sandwich!


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If you find yourself craving the rich and luxurious taste of French gelato in your vicinity, Le Macaron is your go-to spot! Whether you’re after a scoop of our dense, creamy gelato or you want to host a delightful gathering in our elegant café, we’ve got you covered. Book our charming space for an unforgettable French-themed celebration or a leisurely sorbet soirée!

All these treats and more are available for you to order and collect from our store just in time for your special occasion. Get in touch with us today, and let’s start planning your fabulous French gelato party!

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Gelato Sweetness for Special Days

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Visit one of our  gelato shops and enjoy an authentic French Pastry Café experience featuring Le Macaron, America’s newest dessert darling … Magnifique!


Gelato and macarons are the perfect delicacy to bring an elegant, timeless touch to your special event. You’re sure to surprise your guests with these irresistible treats.


Gelatos and macarons are the perfect delicacy to bring an elegant, timeless touch to your gift. You’re sure to surprise your family, friends or associates with these irresistible treats.