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About Le Macaron French Pastries

The cool story behind our company's founding and what makes us unique.

Founders, Rosalie Guillem, who was living in Florida and her daughter, Audrey Guillem-Saba, living in France, had a dream - to share delectable French macarons with the world and to reunite their family. The family, originally hailing from France, were surprised to find that the American take on the "macaron" was often simply sugar spun into a cookie shape or confused with the familiar coconut cookie "macaroon". They knew that with a little consumer education, and by treating the American palate to true French macarons, they could bring a taste and texture sensation to the marketplace in Cypress.

In 2009, Rosalie and Audrey began sharing their delectable macarons with the American consumer market and opened their first Le Macaron French Pastries®. Because of the frequent requests from customers to open a Le Macaron French Pastries® pastry shop in their community the company began franchising in 2012. For those who have been waiting and searching for "macarons near me" in Cypress, the time has come!

Our niche concept is unique, with very limited competition. Today's consumers are eager to engage with their food in new, creative ways. They want flavor and texture, quality, and presentation; they are more health conscience. Each of our signature pastries is handcrafted by our team of French chefs at our Le Macaron French Pastries® commissary.

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About Le Macaron French Pastries

Owner of Le Macaron French Pastries - Cypress

We are located in Lakeland Village Center in Bridgeland at Cypress. Le Macaron Cypress is a family owned franchise. We belong to Le Macaron French Pastries franchise with more than 55 different locations across the country. Dedicated to French pastry and our specialty are macarons. Our macarons are made by our own French chefs, are gluten free, natural flavors and with all the freshness and quality that our exclusive customers requires.

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Macaron Oui! Macaroon Non!

The macaron, perfected in France, has a long history dating back centuries in Europe. Macarons look like small, round shells and are created from ground almonds and soft meringue. These sweet, tiny delicacies fit right into the palm of your hand. They are lightly crisp on the outside and smooth and creamy in the center, filled with ganache (chocolate), rich cream, homemade fruit jams or other quality ingredients. Our macarons are made with natural ingredients and no preservatives. Not to be confused with macaroons, the more familiar, American coconut cookie. Authentic French macarons have gained a new level of interest in the United States and around the world. Rich in flavor and origin, Le Macaron French Pastries® revolutionizes the retail bakery sector with an elegant concept characterized by luxury, yet affordability, providing "little luxuries that make people smile"?. No other pastry shop, bakery or café offers the same ambience, variety, quality, convenience - and simplicity of operations - that Le Macaron French Pastries® does!

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