Gelato & Sorbet in Santa Monica

Dense, creamy and oh-so-sweet, gelato, or glace, is a favorite of French desserts. If you think gelato is just like ice cream, think again! Traditional American ice cream is airy and light, where gelato is thick, creamy and custardy.

At Le Macaron in Santa Monica, we have traditional glace flavors available such as pistache, chocolat and caramel as well as French sorbets for those who prefer fruity flavors. Can't decide between glace or macarons? Take both!

When you're in the mood for something sweet but not overly indulgent, sorbet is the answer. Cool and refreshing, sweet and fruity, sorbet is the perfect dessert to cool down with on a hot summer's day. At Le Macaron, all of our sorbets are made with the finest ingredients and dairy free so they can be freely enjoyed for those with dietary restrictions!

Santa Monica Gelato

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