French Waffles

French Waffles

Light, airy on the inside and crisp on the outside, French waffles are truly a treat! When you order them at Le Macaron, you'll be served a beautiful indulgent dish piled high with our lovely gelato! The warm waffles melts the cool, creamy gelato for a perfectly sweet delightful dish. Stop in for brunch with friends and pair these exquisite waffles with a steaming cup of specialty coffee.

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French Bakery Near Me

French Bakery Near Me

Le Macaron is a beautifully, chic French bakery that serves up gourmet candies, fluffy French waffles, famous macarons, creamy gelato and more. We're proud to share the delicious, sweet indulgence of French cuisine with our customers. Each and every pastry we serve is made with dedication by our professional French Pastry Chef for a truly authentic and delicious experience.

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