Glace Caramel

Dreamy, creamy caramel gelato - you can find it here at Le Macaron! Our French gelato recipe is unique, creating a texture that is dense, rich and incredibly indulging. When you're looking for a dessert that will cool you down and fulfill your sweet tooth, glace caramel will do the trick. Stop in today for a sample!

Ponte Vedra Beach Gelato Near Me

Our French Gelato

Gelato Near Me in Ponte Vedra Beach

Gelato Near Me in Ponte Vedra Beach

While it's easy to find ice cream on nearly every street corner, an authentic French gelato shop is a bit more difficult to locate. So the next time you find yourself searching for "gelato near me in Ponte Vedra Beach," just stop into your local Le Macaron! We have plenty of flavors available for sampling, indulging toppings and luscious syrups. Stop in today and get your gelato fix!

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