Savory French Pastries

While French pastries are famous for their sweet decadence, there is a whole world of savory flavors that pair deliciously with flaky, buttery pastry dough. At Le Macaron, you'll find both sweet and savory French pastries that pair excellently with our European specialty coffees. Butter croissants, mini quiches and cheesy delights await you! Stop in today to indulge in the salty, savory flavors.

Jacksonville French Pastries

Our French Pastries

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Pains au Chocolats
French Bakery near me in Jacksonville

French Bakery Near Me in Jacksonville

French cuisine is comparable to art. The famous French pastries that we serve require time, precision, the perfect ingredients and a skillful hand in the kitchen. That's why we count on our professional French Pastry Chef to hand bake each and every treat we serve! So, the next time you're searching for a "French bakery near me in Jacksonville," stop in to Le Macaron for a truly authentic experience.

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