King Cake

A cake adored almost as much for its tradition as for it's delicious, sweet flavor is the famous King Cake. A staple at any Mardi Gras celebration table spread, King Cake is a sweet, cinnamon pastry with a surprise hidden inside! Whoever finds the mall trinket that has been baked into this traditional cake is declared "king" for the day. If you're searching for "where to buy king cake" for your Mardi Gras celebration, you can count on Le Macaron to deliver you a classically delicious cake!

If you are searching for where to buy a King cake near you in Jacksonville, Le Macaron is the Parisian bakery for you.

Our Cakes

Jacksonville Macaron - Macaron Cake
Macaron Cake
Jacksonville Macaron - Meringue
Jacksonville Macaron - Raspberry Cake
Raspberry Cake
Jacksonville Macaron - Gateau Choco-Coconut
Gateau Choco-Coconut
Jacksonville Macaron - Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake
Le Macaron is the top French Cake shop near you in Jacksonville that offers a variety of specialty french cakes, macarons and pastries.

French Cake Shop Near Me in Jacksonville

Le Macaron is proud of French heritage and we are happy to present the famous King Cake to our customers. The next time you are planning a special Mardi Gras event, impress your guests with the Le Macaron traditional King Cake. Looking for other French pastry specialities? Le Macaron has it all! We are the French bakery in Jacksonville that you can count on to fulfill all your sweet desires.

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