French Bakery Gateau Choco-Coconut Cake

A truly indulgent experience, our Gateau Choco-Coconut is the perfect cake for birthdays, special occasions or corporate events. Light and airy, a gateau is the French version of a decadent cake. Chocolate and coconut come together in the perfect balance of flavors with our soft, sponge cake and fine crust that make up this exquisite dessert! If you are looking for something truly delightful, this is the French bakery cake that will impress your guests.

French Bakery Cake in Jacksonville

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French Bakery in Jacksonville

French Bakery in Jacksonville

If you've been searching for a French bakery in Jacksonville, Le Macaron offers authentic, delicious French delicacies. Handmade by our professional French Pastry Chef, each of our cakes are baked with the finest ingredients for a truly authentic and delicious experience. Each bite will fill you with the pleasure of sweet indulgence. For special event catering or birthday cake orders, contact us today!

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