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One bite of our macarons is a three-fold experience of delight, surprise, and flavor.

Consumers are on the lookout for something new. Something exotic. Something savory and delicious. While the classic chocolate chip cookie is popular, it’s also so blasé—a French word that means common to the point of being ordinary. With our franchise, we like to “wow!” our customers with delicacies that are anything but ordinary. Our menu items are both très chic and très original.

Over the years, Le Macaron French Pastries and its deliciously authentic French macaron have remained a favorite. We proudly offer our customers this quality product in a variety of enticing flavors.

Rich and Indulgent—At Le Macaron French Pastries, we spice up the basics.

Our Madagascar Black Vanilla offers a rich, luxurious flavor while the Belgian Chocolate features deep chocolate indulgence. Other staple flavors include Salted Caramel, Colombian Coffee, Chocolate Praline, and Coconut.

Fruity—For those who prefer fresh, lighter flavors.

We offer Lemon Cream, Raspberry, Mango, Strawberry Key Lime, and other seasonal favorites.

Delightfully Unique—Customers love trying new and unique flavor combinations!

Rose, Basil White Chocolate, Sicilian Pistachio, Red Velvet, Ginger Bread, Mint White Chocolate, and Orange Grand Marnier with Chocolate.

Our Head Chef Didier Saba is always coming up with new flavor inspirations, keeping the selection fresh and as tempting as ever!

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Goodbye Cupcake. Hello, Macaron!

Did you know bakeries are found in all 50 states and every U.S. territory? Baked goods are far more than a passing fad — the industry generates over $44 billion in direct wages, employs more than 800,000 individuals and is estimated to have an economic global impact of over $154 billion.

Among baked goods, macarons especially have a long history. The delightful confectionary as we know first arose in 18th century France and was popularized shortly after in the 1830s. For nearly 200 years, the macaron has only increased that popularity around the world. The macaron’s simple, yet delicate structure lends itself well to various flavor combinations, allowing for the chance of a new experience with every visit.

By 2017, the macaron had become the "new cupcake,” easily upstaging any pie, donut, popsicle, marshmallow or cronut. The airy, dainty pastry has an elegance to it that nothing else comes close to. Possessing a beauty and versatility that makes them “the perfect treat,” according to the dean of baking and pastry arts at the Culinary Institute of America. “It offers opportunities to add a lot of flavor combinations that are unusual.” The macaron, he continued, “offers great texture when you eat it; it’s crunchy and chewy at the same time.” Kathryn Godon, a pastry and baking arts instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and author of a macaron cookbook calls the French cookie “a blank slate.”

Le Macaron French Pastries is the perfect dessert franchise for French pastries, tasteful snacks your customers will love.

You’ll see the colorful dessert featured on the cover of wedding magazines, fashion magazines and plastered all over Pinterest boards. Macarons are like an edible fashion statement—the perfect treat for consumers of any age. They’re known for their allure, delectable flavor and Instagram-worthy appearance.

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A Classic Throughout The Ages

The French pastry has a long and fascinating history. Back in the 8th century, Venitian monks were making the first rendition of this cookie with almond flour, egg whites and sugar. In 1533, Catherine de Medici introduced this delicacy to France when she married Henry II. During the Renaissance, it grew in popularity among the French royal courts and chefs throughout the country.

Traditional Pastry Shop or Permanent Kiosk of a profitable franchise.

The Macaron Sisters

In 1791, an order of nuns called the “Dames du Saint-Sacrement” was established. They followed a strict dietary protocol that prohibited them from eating meat of any kind.

Two sisters within the order, Sisters Marguerite and Marie-Elisabeth, created a version of the cookie that would fit their dietary restrictions. They would sell these cookies to pay for their housing and were known as the ‘Macaron Sisters.’

At this point, the cookie was in its infancy and didn’t yet have a filling of any kind.

A French pastry franchise is the perfect business opportunity.

The Classic Macaron Is Born

By the mid-1800s, the classic macaron we know today—two delicate almond shells filled with buttercream—was invented in a Parisian bakery called La Maison Ladurée. There’s an argument as to which chef first invented this timeless treat: Pierre Desfontaines or Claude Gerbet. However it stands, since the 19th century, this version of the French cookie is made with a ganache, buttercream, or jam filling, and has a smooth rounded top and a flat base. Mild and moist, they fill the mouth with flavor and melt away in light, crispy delight!

In the 1930s, jams, liqueurs and spices were added for more variety. The traditional recipe for these delicacies has remained unchanged for over 150 years.

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Other Varieties Make Their Mark

Several French cities would end up with their own versions of the sweet, tempting cookie.

In Amiens, for example, the French pastry was made from an almond paste with fruit and honey added to it.

In Montmorillon, a museum was dedicated to the rise of the beloved treat. The oldest macaron bakery is also located there, called the Maison Rannou-Métivier, which dates back to 1920.

Le Macaron French Pastries Makes Its Debut!

As the American consumers’ concern for health and diet evolved in the 2000s, there was a rising demand for healthier options that impacted the entire food industry, particularly baked goods. The overly indulgent, sugar-packed cupcake fad wasn't strong enough to face the demand for healthier options. The bakery industry was left wondering what the next dessert craze would be. The 2006 movie Marie Antoinette brought the answer. Delicate, colorful, dainty, and sweet, macarons were soo available in every cafe or dessert shop around the nation. Other movies and shows that helped strengthen the popularity of the French treat include The Great Gatsby and Gossip Girl.

French pastries is the perfect franchising opportunity for a growing industry.

In the early 2000s, the founding mother-daughter team (Rosalie Guillem and Audrey Saba) noticed how hard it was to find an authentic macaron here in the states. Their desire to introduce these sensational treats to the marketplace led to the opening of the first Le Macaron French Pastries shop in 2009. By 2012, they were franchising and have continued pleasing even more consumers with their signature menu items since then. With limited direct competition, our franchise has introduced our niche products to the American public with phenomenal success.

Our native French chef, Didier Saba, carefully oversees the baking of each pastry to ensure every batch upholds the highest of standards. Baked with all-natural, premium ingredients and no preservatives, each crisp round shell is made from ground almonds, sugar, egg white, and a pinch of Le Macaron French Pastries's secret ingredient. Crispy on the outside and filled with a creamy center, these tempting cookies are revolutionizing the retail bakery sector with a luxurious, yet affordable offering that’s hard to beat!

With a professional chef directing the production of all Le Macaron French Pastries products, we can ensure that the quality of each cookie is outstanding. This consistency has led to our success over the years and simplifies operations for our Franchise Owners as well. Without having to play chef or manage a kitchen, running a Le Macaron French Pastries franchise is easy. Because fresh products are delivered to your doors daily, all that’s left to do is set the treats out on display and sell them to eager customers. A store can be opened for as low as $84,730 to $124,060 because the square footage requirements are so minimal.

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Le Macaron French Pastries Is Here To Stay

More than a decade later, macarons have remained the champion of the bakery industry. Le Macaron French Pastries, a franchise specializing in authentic macarons, has helped spread this delicious French delicacy across the nation.

With 60+ locations (plus more coming soon) in operation since its founding in 2009, Le Macaron French Pastries has quickly become recognized as a quality supplier of French treats. Customers love our delicate, sweet desserts. Franchise Owners love the steady revenue that the pastry craze provides; the current AUV for all locations is at $440,857. Those interested in investing in our French bakery franchise will benefit from the timeless flavor of macarons. From the 8th century to today, the macaron is here to stay.

A Recipe For Success

While we keep the recipe for our delicious macaron cookies secret, we share our recipe for success with every Le Macaron French Pastries Franchise Owner. A combination of organized operations, a scalable system, and corporate support serves as the foundation for the success we have built over the past decade.

We realize every entrepreneur is at a different stage in their career—some are just getting started, others have experience, and others are managing multiple investments at once. That’s why we offer three different investment options for our Le Macaron French Pastries franchise: a cookie cart, kiosk, or Le Macaron French Pastries cafe. The investment range for each business model varies, and there is also an option to open multiple locations at once. Le Macaron French Pastries has partnered with leading finance companies to support additional funding opportunities.

You won’t find another café, pastry shop, or franchise anywhere that provides the same ambiance, quality, variety, or ease of operations that Le Macaron French Pastries does. The sophisticated, elegant setting and delightful assortment of mouthwatering morsels make this franchise so unique. And because the American appetite for something sweet isn’t going away any time soon, the retail baking industry is an excellent market in which to do business!

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