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Learn about the art of French pastry and how Le Macaron French Pastries is the perfect opportunity to open your own French bakery franchise.

What is the History of French Pastry?

French pastry making is an artform that goes back hundreds of years! In fact, the earliest record of French pastries comes from AD 1270 when baker Régnaut-Barbon registered a recipe for a food called oublies, later renamed confectioners, as part of a desire to provide people something sweeter than fruit and cheese to enjoy after a meal.

This is only the first known example of an evolution of the art of making delicious and beautiful desserts that eventually included dozens of pastries and other sweet treats that are still popular today, including puff pastries, tarts, nougat, macarons, ganache, brioche and whipped cream!

Le Macaron French Pastries is a French bakery franchise that takes the art form of French pastry and makes it accessible to be enjoyed by people all over the country. If you’re looking for an investment in the dessert or baking industry, look no further than the delectable offerings at Le Macaron French Pastries!

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What Makes French Pastries Unique From Other Kinds of Pastry?

French pastries have several defining characteristics that typically require time and skill to achieve. When visiting a french bakery franchise, look for these included traits to determine if the pastry can really be considered authentic.

The base of a French pastry is often identified by its flaky, buttery texture. These types of pastries (like croissants, pain-au-chocolat and quig aman) take a long time to make by hand. In order to make these types of pastries, bakers use a process called “lamination.”

Lamination involves wrapping dough around butter, then rolling out the dough with a rolling pin and folding the pastry on itself. The dough is then refrigerated, and the process of rolling out and folding is repeated several times over to create the characteristic flaky layers of a pastry.

Another characteristic of French pastry are the delicious, creamy fillings of the pastries themselves! Fruit or chocolate based mousses and meringues are light and fluffy, while custard cream bases are thicker and richer in flavor.

In addition to tasting delicious, authentic French pastries are also known for their beauty. The attention to detail on all parts of the aesthetic experience of dining requires masterful technique. Every pastry represents passion for providing the best experience possible for every perfect bite!

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What Makes French Pastries So Popular?

Even in a health-conscious market, everyone loves to indulge in a delicious dessert now and then, and what better way to do so than with French pastry? Modern consumers want their indulgences to be experiences, and after the recent pandemic, French pastries are a perfect way to travel with taste. These flavorful desserts are social-media ready and ideal for any occasion, whether as a sweet addition to breakfast, an after-dinner treat, or a showpiece at a special event.

What Are Some Examples of French Pastries?

There are hundreds of French pastries, but some of the most popular include:


Known as the jewel of French pastry, the light, brightly colored dessert with a history back to the Renaissance is a gluten free delight. Two cookies sandwich buttercream, ganache, or preserves in traditional and adventurous flavor combinations. The possibilities are endless!


Also known as a Mille Feuille (or French for “one-thousand petals”), these many-layered pastries are typically filled with cream and topped with icing or cream.


Made with a specific kind of puff pastry called “choux” (pronounced like “shoe), these pastries are baked with hollow centers, filled with cream, and topped with chocolate.


Tarts look like small pies, and are generally filled with sweet, creamy custard fillings and topped with beautiful fresh fruits.


These delicious small butter cakes are sweet and soft on the inside, crispy on the inside, and known for their distinctive shell shape. They are a perfect compliment to a cup of coffee!

Le Macaron French Pastries locations offer all these French staples - and more! The wide variety of flavors and textures appeals to a swath of consumers, making opening a French bakery franchise with Le Macaron French Pastries a smart move for entrepreneurs just about anywhere.

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Why is Le Macaron French Pastries a Good Investment Within the Baking Industry?

Le Macaron French Pastries is an ideal investment in the baking industry for those with a passion for delicious food but without the desire or ability to prepare these specialised desserts on their own.

Our flexible, efficient business model allows for every Franchise Owner to focus on providing the best service possible to their customers while our expert pastry chefs take care of the baking off-site. You can rest assured that the quality of product is assured without any of the hassle of producing these delicacies on your own.

This model also lowers startup and operation costs for our franchises, meaning a bigger bottom line for you! Plus, this structure allows our Le Macaron French Pastries Owners to open modern cafes, smaller kiosks or even mobile food trucks that cater to their own business goals and market needs - no large kitchen required.

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