Top Reasons to Invest in a Cookie Franchise

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Why Invest in a Le Macaron Cookie Franchise?

Besides the fact that everybody loves a good cookie, there are a myriad of other reasons to invest in a cookie franchise. We’ve narrowed it down to our sweetest top 5.

A Growing Industry

Now is such an opportune time to invest in a cookie franchise. In 2017, this industry generated $30 billion in annual revenues and those numbers are on the rise. With a growth rate that is twice as fast as its counterparts, the bakery sector is where it’s at for the savvy investor. At Le Macaron French Pastries, our average annual gross revenues is $440,857 and we currently have over 50 shops in operation.

A Unique Niche

It’s not easy to find a sweet shop that offers all that we do at Le Macaron. From our delectable, authentic French macarons to our tantalizing gelatos, cakes, pastries, and candies, the taste of Europe you find at our counters is definitely one-of-a-kind. When patrons see our exotic flavors, bright color schemes, and French names like the eclair, the Napoleon and the gelato, they get the sense that they’ve stepped onto another continent. How often do you find a cookie franchise that offers all of that?

Excellent Support System

Those who invest in a Le Macaron pastry franchise are never left to themselves. You’ll receive exceptional support from our corporate team, helping you realize your dream of running an upscale, sophisticated shop that is setting a new standard for bakeries nationwide. Not only will you be able to offer these savory treats and a taste of French culture, you’ll have the back-up and seasoned experience of fellow Franchise Owners to depend on all along the way.

Simple, Solid Business Model

If you’ve ever wanted to own your own business without the associated risk, Le Macaron French Pastries is an excellent choice! The advantage to becoming a franchise owner through us is that we’ve already proven what works and created a brand people recognize. You can launch your shop or kiosk with complete confidence, learning from those who have gone before about marketing strategies, best shop locations, and how to launch successfully.

Flexibility and Freedom

One of the best cookie franchise opportunities is found with Le Macaron. Since we’ve already done the groundwork, you’re left to enjoy the results. Running a classy, upscale cafe with a sophisticated French flare will take a lot of hard work, but our various business models allow you to decide how involved you wish to be once it’s up and running. Investors can choose from our mobile kiosk option, designed to take you wherever the customers are, or the flashy storefront option with seating areas and ambiance.

As disclosed in our Item 19 of Le Macaron French Pastries Development, LLC's 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document. This figure reflects the average for the top quartile of 7 locations in the system, including 3 affiliate-owned and 4 franchise-owned locations. The results for new locations may differ from the represented performance. There is no assurance that you will sell as much.

Award Winning Franchise

Recognized many times, Le Macaron French Pastries is committed to bringing the highest quality service and products to the public.

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Our Macaron Store's Uniqueness

Cookie Franchise
  • Rich and Indulgent - At Le Macaron, we spice up the basics - our Madagascar Black Vanilla offers a rich spiced flavour and the Belgian Chocolate macaron is a deep chocolate indulgence. Other indulgent flavors include Salted Caramel, Colombian Coffee, Chocolate Praline, and Coconut.
  • Fruity - For those who prefer fresh, lighter flavors, we have Lemon Cream, Raspberry, Mango, Strawberry Key Lime, and other seasonal favorites.
  • Delightfully Unique - We have all the original flavors covered and we also offer customers unique flavor combinations, like: Rose, Basil White Chocolate, Sicilian Pistachio, Red Velvet, Ginger Bread, Mint White Chocolate, and Orange Grand Marnier with Chocolate. Our Head Chef Didier Saba is always coming up with new flavor inspirations, so stay tuned for our next batch of new macaron recipes!

Why Own a Franchise With Le Macaron French Pastries?

Whether you’re an experienced business owner or a brand new entrepreneur, Le Macaron is a cookie franchise sure to deliver huge returns on your investment so long as you have a willingness to commit, a desire to lead, and a love for serving your community. Inquire with us today!

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