Starting a Bakery Franchise with a Partner

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Why Start a Le Macaron French Pastry Franchise with a Parnter?

Le Macaron is the perfect bakery franchise opportunity for a couple or two partners looking to open a new business. There are many benefits to operating a business with a partner, including:

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Shared Start-Up Costs

A great way to keep investment costs low, having a partner allows you to split the cost of opening a franchise right down the middle. This frees up more capital for further investments - many Franchise Owners teams are able to get started with multiple locations right off the bat, versus single Franchise Owners who have to build up their revenue for a few years before adding additional locations. The Le Macaron bakery franchise has two investment ranges: $149,240 - $349,500 for a full sized cafe or $90,350 - $129,500 for a macaron kiosk. Adding a second (or even third) person to the mix greatly reduces these costs for each individual.

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In addition to splitting costs, business partnerships also split the workload. When you invest into Le Macaron bakery franchise, you’ll have access to a robust support program and the assistance of the corporate team 24/7. Having a partner only increases your level of support, making work tasks flow all the more smoothly. Two heads are better than one, particularly when it comes to business ownership. Partnering with someone who has strengths where you experience weaknesses makes for a strong team that can draw from various backgrounds, resources, and skills.

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Double the Experience

When it comes to business, there are often big decisions to be made and taking on that responsibility as an individual can be intimidating. With a partner, however, you’ve got double the experience. That means additional perspective and knowledge when it comes to decision making.

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More Freedom

Running a one-man show is difficult in business - there’s never enough time. With a partner, however, you’ve got a much more flexible schedule. When you split the workload equally with someone, you’ll experience more time for other business pursuits and personal life.

The value of your Investment.

Many of the Bakery Franchise Owners of Le Macaron are partners. These dream teams have found success with the Le Macaron franchise system. The advantages of partnerships are only amplified by the support system of our bakery franchise. All Le Macaron Franchise Owners receive start-up assistance, Grand Opening Marketing, bakery support (all of our macarons are hand baked by our Head Chef), pre-opening training, and ongoing support. At Le Macaron, team work makes the dream work.

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Award Winning Franchise

Recognized many times, Le Macaron French Pastries is committed to bringing the highest quality service and products to the public.

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Invest into the Le Macaron Family Today

If you are searching for an opportunity for you and your business partner, our bakery franchise is open for investment. Available as macaron kiosks , single unit and multi-unit operations, there is a bakery franchise model for every investor. Partnerships are more likely to succeed as multi-unit owners. Between a solid partnership and the robust support program of Le Macaron, you’ll never be in business by yourself when you invest in our bakery franchise. Contact us today to learn more about our investment options.

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