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One of the greatest benefits for franchisers in investing in the dessert industry is the variety. From cakes to ice cream, pies to gourmet pastries, chocolates and cookies and everything in between, there are options for every kind of owner and every kind of consumer. Our chocolate franchise offers what modern dessert consumers are looking for: the overall aesthetic experience of their treats, expecting unique flavor and texture options as well as social-media ready design. This makes room for bakers to be more innovative in their work.

Le Macaron French Pastries Chocolate Franchise in-store experience transports customers to Europe.
Le Macaron French Pastries is a delicate chocolate franchise that brings a piece of European bakery to the U.S.

At every point in the process from baker to consumer, the dessert industry offers excitement for everyone! Another benefit for dessert and chocolate franchises in the modern market is increased attention to simplification. More bakeries are working to streamline their processes in producing their product, making operating a store far simpler than in the past. The pre-and post-bake procedures have trended toward being more automated than in the past. This ensures quality and portion control, while also reducing waste and controlling costs. All of this has made bakeries safer, more affordable, less labor-intensive investments.

How Successful Has The Dessert Industry Been Recently?

A 2019 Datassential survey found that 93% of consumers had eaten a dessert in the past week with 55% having eaten one that day. Even with the pandemic, 2020 was a year of growth for most of the dessert industry, with cake leading the way with a 2.4% growth and an increased $1.5 billion profit as a result. Also showing growth have been private label options across the board, but especially in cakes and refrigerated cheesecakes.

What Are Current Trends In The Dessert Industry?

Some of the success of the dessert industry and chocolate franchises can be attributed to its evolution to the demands of modern consumers. In a health-conscious market, the dessert industry has responded by providing options that cater to specific dietary needs, including vegan, gluten-free, plant-based, soy-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free options (among others). Even health-conscious consumers want to indulge in a dessert — but when they do, they want it to be worth the calories!

This means that in addition to providing a wider range of ingredients in their sweets, the industry has also responded to the needs of the market by increasing attention to varied portion sizes, with more snackable dessert options available than in the past.

Another major trend in the market is increased demand for unique, exotic flavor options and combinations. In particular, it is anticipated that there will be exponential growth in the popularity of inclusions: adding a mix-in to change or enhance the flavor of an existing product with nuts, chocolate chips, fruit or other options. Consumers love to stretch their creative muscles as well, and experimenting with flavor and texture combinations has become a part of the dessert experience! More exotic and unique inclusions have also seen increased popularity, with younger consumers especially interested in trying something new. They see food as an experience, and the dessert industry is perfectly positioned to provide a culinary adventure.

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A stack of the World's best macarons from Le Macaron French Pastries Chocolate Franchises.

How Does Le Macaron French Pastries Set Itself Apart From The Competition?

Le Macaron French Pastries hits the sweet spot in the thriving dessert and chocolate franchises market! It offers something for every kind of consumer. Our signature macarons are delicious, low-calorie dessert options that are entirely gluten and guilt-free! Handcrafted with no preservatives, these delicious cookies are packed with a variety of standard and more adventurous flavors. Want something traditional? Enjoy the delicious Black Vanilla from Madagascar. Something celebratory? How about the Birthday Cake or Bubble Gum? Looking for an adventure? Check out the Lavender White Chocolate or the Basil White Chocolate.

Each French confection is social-media ready and the perfect size for a small indulgence. The macarons are made off-site, allowing Le Macaron French Pastries Franchise Owners to focus on providing quality customer service instead of dealing with the headache of on-site baking. This makes owning a Le Macaron French Pastries franchise far more cost-efficient than the average restaurant! In addition to macarons, Le Macaron French Pastries offers a wide variety of other options, including savory pastries that pair perfectly with European specialty coffees, traditional French pastries like pain-au-chocolat or tempting eclairs, mouth-watering cakes, and refreshing gelato.

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Not only does Le Macaron French Pastries provide a wide variety of options for consumers, but for our Franchise Owners as well. Owners can open their own Le Macaron French Pastries storefront, but they can also open a mobile kiosk or mobile food truck, allowing each owner to truly customize their experience and investment so that they can go where the customers are. The multiple award-winning Le Macaron French Pastries franchise is one of the best chocolate franchises committed to providing the best for our owners so that our owners can provide the best for consumers. It’s that simple!

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