The Retail Bakery Industry

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Le Macaron French Pastries is a great retail bekery industry opportunity.

The retail bakery industry is a pretty new part of the market. This newness means the industry is chock-full of untapped opportunities and unseen benefits for the aspiring entrepreneur.

Retail bakeries are a growing market and it's never been more diverse! With the rise in healthy food trends and varying tastes, Le Macaron French Pastries capitalizes on the industry and provides something for everyone that comes through our doors!

Our bakery franchise takes advantage of the market with its own niche concept and targets a unique corner of the industry - the macaron business. There's no other franchise like us and Le Macaron French Pastries has almost no competition to worry about. Couple this with the fact that macarons are a truly distinct dessert with a fan base that's growing as fast as the retail baking industry, and you have a recipe for success.

The Popularity Of The Bakery Industry

You may wonder just how popular the bakery industry is. According to the American Bakers Association, bakery products make up 2.1% of the gross domestic product of the United States. That's quite a lot of action for bakeries.

It seems that retail bakeries are more popular than you may have first thought. Even just by looking at the industry makeup, we see the industry is made up of about 6,000 retail bakeries and nearly 3,000 commercial bakeries in the country. These numbers make a great business opportunity for aspiring retail bakery entrepreneurs looking to break into a lucrative industry.

Le Macaron French Pastries is a lucrative bakery industry.

A Lucrative Industry

When looking at how lucrative the retail baking industry is, look at the industry numbers. Overall, we have seen that the bakery industry brings in more than $30 billion in revenue annually. The American Bakers Association reports the economic impact of baked goods produced and sold in the country totals about $423 billion. Retail bakeries generate around $3 billion in revenues, and commercial bakeries sell $31 billion in products. Not bad numbers. Even with the coronavirus pandemic, these numbers have been strong and are expected to continue rising as people become more comfortable with going out to eat.

There are many benefits of franchising with Le Macaron French Pastries bakery industry.

The Benefits Of Franchising In The Industry

One of the biggest setbacks of starting your own business is the cost and energy that goes into it. These setbacks are practically gone when you choose to franchise. And when you choose to franchise in an industry that's as booming and interesting as the bakery industry, you're pretty much swimming in benefits and financial gains. Franchises like Le Macaron French Pastries are set up to allow franchise owners to hit the ground running with an established business model, ready-to-go corporate support, multiple streams of revenue and so much more!

Award Winning Franchise

Recognized many times, Le Macaron French Pastries is committed to bringing the highest quality service and products to the public.

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Le Macaron French Pastries has a unique appeal in the bakery industry.

The Unique Appeal Of Le Macaron

Le Macaron French Pastries provides franchise owners with a unique experience in establishing a niche in the bakery industry. Getting to know how to start your own dessert franchise is hard, but Le Macaron French Pastries provides all their franchise owners with the ease and know-how in starting and operating a successful bakery. The macaron business not only taps into the growing bakery cafe industry but also appeals to the different sects and factions of the bakery market and what it offers both consumers and franchise owners.

  • The macaron business not only taps into the growing bakery cafe industry but also appeals to the gluten-free market, which is its own booming segment in the healthy food industry. Gluten-free products sales are expected to increase by 9.3% over the next 8 years. What’s great about macarons is that they are naturally gluten-free which means that they don’t have any sacrifices to be made in flavor, textures or quality! With Le Macaron French Pastriess’ ability to tap into both the bakery cafe and gluten-free segments of the market we have found booming growth is more than possible!
  • With the ever-changing tastes and with help of social media, the macaron has gained a new level of interest in the country. Macarons are a uniquely beautiful dessert that you've probably seen plenty of pictures of. It's no secret that macarons photograph well and are abundant on platforms like Instagram. In the landscape of baking, trends come and go, but it's clear that the macaron is here to stay and has found a place in our hearts.
  • Le Macaron French Pastries appeals to consumers' newfound taste for beautifully crafted high-quality desserts while allowing new business owners to tap into a market previously reserved for only the most skilled pâtissière. All of Le Macaron French Pastries's confections are crafted by our Master French Chef and his team in Sarasota Florida, then flash-frozen and sent out to each Le Macaron French Pastries location. No on-site baking lowers the time and cost of building out a new location. In a growing market with very little competition, our bakery shop franchise makes it easy to get started with your own macaron business.
  • There's been increasing demand for quality pastries and baked goods over the past several years. This demand has created a strong market for aspiring bakery cafe owners and entrepreneurs. This relatively new segment of the market is expected to grow as consumers become increasingly aware of their new options. This will afford business owners the opportunity to open new locations and continuing opportunities for increasing revenue.

The Le Macaron Retail Bakery Opportunities

With changing tastes pivoting away from just pies and bread, the macaron has gained a new level of interest in the United States. It's clear that the times are changing when it comes to the baking industry, especially with franchises that are niche bakery-cafes that appeal to consumers' changing tastes and desire for beautiful quality desserts are carving out their own piece of the multi-billion dollar bakery industry pie. Want to find out more about owning your own macaron business with Le Macaron French Pastries? Fill out our form and get started!

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