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Just like our famous macarons which are crafted with tender loving care, the business model of Le Macaron consists of many ingredients that compose a recipe of success. Our bakery franchise, now recognized nationwide, owes its success to the following ingredients:

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The easiest way to grow any business is to keep things simple. We learned that lesson early on and Le Macaron's bakery franchise business model is defined by simplicity. By eliminating on-site baking, we both effectively lowered costs for Franchise Owners and ensured consistency of our baked goods. Our Head Chef Didier Saba takes care of all the baking so that each and every macaron is as sweet tasting as the next. Customers know they can count on us for a superior product that is always consistent and Franchise Owners are happy to keep costs down and revenue up. A low risk, high reward opportunity, Le Macaron is accessible to both new and seasoned entrepreneurs.

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Varying Models

In order to keep investment options open to all types of entrepreneurs, Le Macaron has various business models - macaron kiosks, single and multi-unit cafes. This variety attracts both first time and experienced entrepreneurs which has helped Le Macaron develop quickly and organically. With 50+ current locations up and running, our position as the best tasting bakery franchise in the industry has been quickly established. There are plenty of territories available nationwide, but don't hesitate as they will get eaten up quickly.

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Unique Product

Unlike other dessert franchises that offer the same old boring assortment of cakes and ice cream, Le Macaron is a unique product inspired by French culture. Our mission is to transform the culinary culture in the United States with our sweet macarons. In addition to offering a sweet treat that is highly unique, our macarons also reflect consumer demands for healthier ingredients. At just about 80 calories each, our macarons are gluten and preservative free. As consumer's concerns about health grows, Le Macaron Franchise Owners benefit where other sugar and fat filled dessert franchises will fail.

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Industry Leading Support

To seal the deal, Le Macaron offers all Franchise Owners an industry leading support program. Startup assistance, real estate, and pre-opening training will prepare you for your Grand Opening. From there, you'll receive continued assistance in marketing, operations, products, and ongoing program support.

Award Winning Franchise

Recognized many times, Le Macaron French Pastries is committed to bringing the highest quality service and products to the public.

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Bakery Franchise

Our Bakery Franchise: Tested and Tried

It’s taken us a little over a decade to come up with this recipe, but we believe we have the perfect mix of ingredients. Industry trends and new techniques will undoubtedly modify our recipe. As we grow, our bakery Franchise Owners grow with us. The last bit we sprinkle on top is teamwork - everyone that is part of Le Macaron is one big family and we all work together. When you invest in Le Macaron, you're investing in the ultimate recipe for success. Are your ready to share in our sweetness today? Contact us for more information on how to get started with your very own bakery franchise.