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Three Secrets to Balance Love and Business - Le Macaron

Posted on Oct 3rd 2018


Three Secrets to Balance Love and Business - Le Macaron

When it comes to business, is it a good idea for couples to work together?

Honestly, that's a loaded question and one that has no absolute answer. Many people appreciate the division between business and family while others are able to thrive working with their partner. Forbes: acknowledges that this is a difficult question to answer and recommends learning from other successful couples.

One such couple, Le Macaron Franchise Owners, Stephanie Ebers and Reggie Thompson, are a part of the group that works well together. Together they have opened up two different Le Macaron locations, one in Georgia and one in Florida. For Stephanie, it was important to find a business that complemented both of their strong suits. Le Macaron was able to bring out the best in both of them.

"His passion is numbers while mine is more creatively oriented," shares Stephanie. "We've got both the analytical and visual sides covered between the two of us, which has resulted in the success of several stores."

It's important to remember that you and your partner probably complement each other already. Keep this in mind. When starting a business together, sit down and discuss the strengths that you each bring to the table. Doing so will help lay the framework for a plan to take advantage of these strengths.

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