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Alternative Low Cost Options: Macaron Kiosks, Carts, & Cafes

A traditional Le Macaron French Pastries shop occupies 800 to 1,000 square feet of French elegance. However, years in the business has taught us that franchisees come in all stripes, and not every potential bakery shop franchise owner sees themselves in a brick and mortar setup. Additionally, market trends and research have demonstrated the immense earning potential and success of alternative store options. Because of this, we’ve tailored our business plan to include alternative, low-cost options for the franchisee who doesn’t see themselves in a traditional cafe.

The two store alternatives that Le Macaron offers are macaron kiosks and carts which, we are happy to report sacrifice none of the sophistication or image that is found in our traditional, brick and mortar stores.

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Macaron Kiosks vs. Carts

The difference between a macaron kiosk and carts isn’t great but is different enough that each might appeal to a specific type of franchisee.


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The mobility of carts makes them great for franchisees who like to ‘follow the action’ so to speak. If you enjoy a change of scene every so often, and would like to be at a birthday party one day and a wedding expo the next day, then the size and mobility of carts make them the perfect choice for you.


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Unlike carts, most kiosks can be found indoors and are slightly larger. If you’ve been to a mall, then it’s likely that you’ve encountered kiosks and maybe interacted with a vendor or two. While kiosks are mobile, they tend to move around less than carts and are likely to set up in a particular place for a longer period of time.

Benefits of macaron kiosks and carts

Part-time option

A key benefit of both carts and kiosks is that they can be operated part-time. They allow you the convenience to set up your cart or kiosk when and where it is advantageous for optimum business. This makes it so that your time is well-spent financially.

Good earning potential

The mobility aspect of our macaron kiosks and carts provide great earning potential because you can literally pick up and set up shop where the customers are. This means that you have access to popular, high-traffic areas such as shopping, dining and tourist areas without the exorbitant rent. Similarly, when an area falls in popularity, you can pick up and move to the newest hot-spot.


Both kiosks and carts are more affordable than the traditional brick and mortar option. That being said, as a franchisor, we never sacrifice the look and feel of our macaron kiosks and carts just because they are smaller. We provide our kiosk and cart franchisees with the same boutique-style, French patisserie feel that Le Macaron customers have come to expect.

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Kiosks and carts are are perfect for the boots-on-the ground type franchisee who thrives on customer interaction. Because carts and kiosks are at eye-level with customers, you are able to draw in people who would have ordinarily walked by a brick and mortar store. This means that you can drum up as much business as you have the energy to put in.

If all the benefits of macaron kiosks and carts appeal to you, then you just might be a macaron kiosk/cart owner in the making. Fill out the form below to get in touch with us and find out more about our macaron kiosks and carts!

On trend

We are living in the era of food trucks and carts, both of which have come to signal niche eating experiences. We’ve seen this popularity catapult the success of our macaron kiosks and carts to great heights.

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