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With a menu as diverse as ours, you’d think the kitchen to prepare it in would be pretty big. And you’d be right! Our head chef relies on a team of 20 people to make 16,000-18,000 macarons a day. Using the highest quality ingredients ensures that each cookie, pastry or confection is as delicious as the last. But it takes considerable space and plenty of state-of-the-art equipment to produce it all.

So how is it that our bakery franchise costs are still so low? It’s possible to open a shop for only $164,180 to $403,560 and that’s pretty incredible considering another dessert franchise could require twice that. Our mobile kiosk alternative is even more affordable - just $84,730 to $124,060 to get one started.

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The bakery café segment is growing more than twice as fast as all other food segments and we've also seen strong gains in the gluten-free, preservative free and low-calorie consumption segment which are expected to grow 9.3% over the coming 8 years. When you introduce a Le Macaron French Pastries into your market you'll not only own the most innovative specialty retail concept of its kind, you'll also tap into a high growth market with tremendous revenue potential.

As you go through the education process, you'll have the opportunity to speak with our Development Manager and look through our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). As you learn more about the economics, you'll be able to build a business plan and performance forecast.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of our unit economics.

*As disclosed in our Item 19 of Le Macaron French Pastries Development, LLC's 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document. This figure reflects the average for the top quartile of 7 locations in the system, including 3 affiliate-owned and 4 franchise-owned locations. The results for new locations may differ from the represented performance. There is no assurance that you will sell as much.


Average Annual
Gross Revenues


Franchise Units Open


Additional Franchise
Units in Development

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One Kitchen, Dozens of Stores

The secret to keeping costs so low is that none of our locations require in-house preparation or the associated permits to bake on site. Not having to pay for all that extra equipment and the electricity to run it means higher revenues.

We deliver all of our products to each store by freezer transporter truck so each tasty treat arrives fresh and ready to sell. That’s what makes Le Macaron French Pastries bakery franchise an especially unique dessert franchise. No early morning baking, no need to be a culinary genius and no stress in maintaining costly equipment. Just a focus on serving up our delectable gourmet desserts.


We offer traditional pastry shops, mobile kiosks, and food trucks to ensure there is a version of Le Macaron French Pastries for everyone! By combining and utilizing multiple models, there is an amazing opportunity for Franchise Owners to have numerous options to expand and scale their business, take advantage of cross-marketing and multiple revenue streams.

Traditional Pastry Shop or Permanent Kiosk of a bakery franchise

Traditional Pastry Shop or Permanent Kiosk

Elegant and modern with authentic and indulgent French experience

With no onsite bakery, the build out costs are minimal

Invest with just $164,180 to $403,560

Mobile Kiosk of a cookie franchise

Mobile Kiosk

Designed to go where your customers are

Quickly scale into multiple events and venues

Low investment between $84,730 to $124,060

Food Truck of a dessert franchise

Food Truck

Designed to move to any location

Quickly move to multiple events and venues

Invest between $112,530 to $146,560

What Else Makes Us Different?

It’s not every day customers happen upon a sweet treat that originated centuries ago. Our shops give consumers an upscale, sophisticated experience enjoying something authentic and mouth-watering! But it’s not just the macaron that dazzles people’s taste buds. Le Macaron’s gelatos, chocolates, beverages and pastries are equally as tempting.

Besides offering an array of unique desserts, the atmosphere in our shops is inviting and elegant with our trademark glass displays boasting a colorful arrangement of tantalizing goodies. Our distinct, recognizable brand has a solid reputation that is trusted and appealing.

Benefits of Joining Our Bakery Franchise

Multiple Revenue Streams. Our menu is full of variety and we even introduce new options now and then. Not only that, but we’re a popular store for those wanting a unique gift, are looking to host a party or need an event catered.

Excellent Support from the Start. From the very first phase, our Franchise Team is ready to assist you with site selection, design, layout, inventory, marketing and more.

Incredible Training through Every Stage. After completing our comprehensive training program at headquarters and at your own location, you’ll open your doors for business with confidence. Afterward, you’ll benefit from ongoing training, field support and annual conferences.

The Ideal Candidate

This could be the perfect fit for you if you have solid operational skills and are motivated to help diversify the culinary culture throughout the U.S. We’d also love to hear from you if you’re interested in leveraging your position by cross marketing through the use of a kiosk, cart and shop. Contact us today!

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