How do I Start a Dessert Franchise?

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Everyone loves a sweet treat and there is no denying the success of dessert and bake shops across the United States. If you are a dessert enthusiast yourself, you may be wondering how to tap into this sweet market. Accounting for $35+ billion annually, the bakery retail industry is rife with opportunity.

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Rich in both flavor and origin, our products are synonymous with luxury, simplicity and the French way of life. Le Macaron French Pastries® revolutionizes the retail bakery sector with an elegant patisserie concept characterized by luxury, yet affordability. Learn the secrets of our product superiority by watching this video with our Head Chef.

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If you are wondering how to start a dessert franchise, you’ll have to plan for all of the following steps.


The startup costs for a new business can quickly get out of hand without proper budgeting. You’ll need to think about opening costs, equipment, supplies and rent. If you plan to hire a staff, you will also need to cover training, payroll and more.

Developing a Business Plan

Many new entrepreneurs are unaware how much hard work goes into planning and preparing before opening a new business. You’ll need to conduct market research, financial projections, detail your business summary, describe marketing tactics and more.

Purchase Kitchen Equipment

While baking cakes in your home is enough for friends and family, it won’t make the cut for serving large crowds. Professional grade kitchen equipment is the best choice for a bakery business, but it can be very expensive.

Plan a Menu

What will you serve at your dessert franchise? Planning out a menu will give you a better idea of the supplies and ingredients you must purchase regularly.

Health Inspection

Any food related business must undergo a thorough health inspection before opening, so it is important to be aware of local health codes when designing your business.

Find Suppliers

You’ll need to find quality local wholesale suppliers in your area so you can assure you always have a fully stocked kitchen.


And last, but certainly not least, is your marketing plan. Customer acquisition is driven heavily by marketing, so you’ll need to figure out advertising, social media and other tactics that can help you stand out from the competition.

Award Winning Franchise

Recognized many times, Le Macaron French Pastries is committed to bringing the highest quality service and products to the public.

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Is There an Easier Way to Open a Bakery Franchise?

If the above list seems daunting and you are thinking it might be easier to invest in an established dessert franchise then you have come to the right place! Le Macaron is a French bakery franchise that specializes in macarons, European coffees, French pastries and authentic gelato. With more than 75 national and nearly 15 international locations, we are globally recognized as one of the leading bakeries serving French desserts.

More than a decade of experience and a history rich with French influence has afforded us the expertise and knowledge to thrive as an award winning bakery franchise. We are looking for talented entrepreneurs to join our team as we continue to expand. We have already done all of the hard work so you don’t have to! Your dream of starting a dessert business can come true in a few simple steps.

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