Why People are Leaving Corporate America: Start a Bakery Shop Franchise

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Easier than Ever

If you’re considering opening your own bakery shop franchise, consider Le Macaron French Pastries. With years of experience and more than 50 locations across the country, we have made it easier than ever to start your own business. We have carefully crafted a unique business model to give our new franchise owners the best chance at success. By using this model you are given all the lessons we have learned from the mistakes we have made throughout the years so that you will know what to do and what not to do with your new business. When you join Le Macaron you’re giving yourself the best chance to succeed.

Bakery Shop Franchise


We offer traditional pastry shops, mobile kiosks, and food trucks to ensure there is a version of Le Macaron French Pastries for everyone! By combining and utilizing multiple models, there is an amazing opportunity for Franchise Owners to have numerous options to expand and scale their business, take advantage of cross-marketing and multiple revenue streams.

Traditional Pastry Shop or Permanent Kiosk of a bakery franchise

Traditional Pastry Shop or Permanent Kiosk

Elegant and modern with authentic and indulgent French experience

With no onsite bakery, the build out costs are minimal

Invest with just $164,180 to $403,560

Mobile Kiosk of a cookie franchise

Mobile Kiosk

Designed to go where your customers are

Quickly scale into multiple events and venues

Low investment between $84,730 to $124,060

Food Truck of a dessert franchise

Food Truck

Designed to move to any location

Quickly move to multiple events and venues

Invest between $112,530 to $146,560

The Process

Starting your own Le Macaron bakery shop franchise begins with filling out a confidential questionnaire followed by an initial call. Through this call we’ll get to know each other, goals and what you’re looking for. If we both feel that we want to move forward we will provide you a Financial Disclosure Document and have you meet with other franchise owners so you can get a good feel for us and what we’re all about. At this point we’ll have you meet with our Corporate team in Florida for another interview and tour of our locations and support staff, and lastly an interview with the executive team. If, at this point, we still feel good and you want to move forward you will be awarded your own Le Macaron bakery shop franchise.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you’re awarded your own franchise we promise to not leave you to start your business alone. We will be by your side to help you throughout the entire process of getting your franchise up and running by providing you advice and tips. We are highly invested in giving you everything you need to be successful and will support you at every turn. It is our mission to make sure you receive the highest quality products, training, support tools, marketing and more while avoiding the many costly mistakes and headaches the can come with running your own business.

Our Ideal Candidate

We are looking for candidates with solid operation skills, who are motivated and have a desire to share our delicious mission of transforming the culinary culture across the U.S. Although we love to work with first time entrepenuers, we are also looking for multi-unit owners that understand the power of leveraging cross-marketing efforts by combing cafés, macaron kiosks, and carts.

Macaron Franchise
Bakery Shop Franchise

Numerous Opportunities

At Le Macaron bakery shop franchise we believe that to be successful we need to surround ourselves with motivated and driven entrepreneurs. By taking advantage of our flexible model that includes cafes, macaron kiosks, and carts we can ensure that there is a version of Le Macaron for everyone. New franchise owners can experience numerous opportunities to expand and scale their business and take advantage of cross-marketing and multiple revenue streams. If you’re ready to open your own Le Macaron bakery shop franchise, give us a call.

Interested in the our bakery shop franchise? Learn how to get started toward your own Le Macaron location or kiosk!

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