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If you are ready to embark on your bakery franchise journey, you are probably read to get your business open and running as soon as possible. At Le Macaron, we understand this impatience, so we have streamlined our bakery franchise opening process. Most new Franchise Owners can have their location open in four to six months from the time they sign the franchise agreement. While delays in construction or similar factors may delay the timeline, most openings go smoothly. Once your Le Macaron bakery franchise is open, you can embark on your journey to sweet success. While running a cookie shop on your own may be difficult, our franchise system makes the path to success much clearer. Our Franchise Owners have also earned us a reputation as one of the most sophisticated cookie franchises and customers are always happy to enjoy our baked goods when the doors of a new location opens.

With award winning recipes, quality customer service, and countless 5 star reviews, our Franchise Owners have earned us positive public reception. When it comes to franchising, the brand is only as strong as each individual location and Le Macaron has become a formidable cookie franchise supported by a foundation of hard working entrepreneurs. As more business savvy individuals apply to join our ever growing team, we would like to thank those who have helped us get to where we are today.

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Recognized many times, Le Macaron French Pastries is committed to bringing the highest quality service and products to the public.

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The Process to Opening a Bakery Franchise

While Grand Opening Day is the end point of our franchise opening process, there are quite a few steps that new Le Macaron Franchise Owners must complete before getting there. If you have chosen to invest in Le Macaron, the first step is to reach out to our franchise office. We will send you a confidential questionnaire that will help us get to know you a little better. If we think you’re a good fit for the Le Macaron team, you can expect the following steps:

  • Brand Overview - Our corporate team will send you further details about the Le Macaron brand and the bakery franchise industry. At this point, we’ve decided you’ll make a good fit to our team and we’re sharing more details about us so you can decide if you think you’re a good fit for us!
  • Skype Call - If you like what you see and decide to move forward, we’ll schedule a Skype call between you and our founder so you can learn more about the story behind Le Macaron and ask any questions you may have.
  • Discovery Day - After the Skype Call, we’ll fly you to our headquarters for Discovery Day, where you’ll get to meet fellow Franchise Owners and the corporate staff and learn more about what makes Le Macaron the best bakery franchise!
  • FDD Review - We’ll then present you with our FDD so you can review the financial details of our bakery franchise.
  • Validation - If you are still on board after the FDD review and our team approves of you after Discovery Day, you will be validated as an acceptable Le Macaron Franchise Owner. Congrats!
  • Franchise Awarded - Before your location is awarded, you’ll be presented with the franchise agreement - your signature seals the deal!
  • Grand Opening! - After signing the contract, our grand opening team will get to work right away and within 4 to 6 months you’ll have your brand new Le Macaron bakery franchise opening and running.


The bakery café segment is growing more than twice as fast as all other food segments and we've also seen strong gains in the gluten-free, preservative free and low-calorie consumption segment which are expected to grow 9.3% over the coming 8 years. When you introduce a Le Macaron French Pastries into your market you'll not only own the most innovative specialty retail concept of its kind, you'll also tap into a high growth market with tremendous revenue potential.

As you go through the education process, you'll have the opportunity to speak with our Development Manager and look through our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). As you learn more about the economics, you'll be able to build a business plan and performance forecast.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of our unit economics.

*As disclosed in our Item 19 of Le Macaron French Pastries Development, LLC's 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document. This figure reflects the average for the top quartile of 7 locations in the system, including 3 affiliate-owned and 4 franchise-owned locations. The results for new locations may differ from the represented performance. There is no assurance that you will sell as much.


Average Annual
Gross Revenues


Franchise Units Open


Additional Franchise
Units in Development

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