How Our Dessert Franchise Meets the Demands of the Healthy Consumer

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While several diet fads have come and gone in the past decades, interest in overall wellness has grown exponentially in recent years. With the boom of the internet, the general public has more access to health information. This has led to consumers demanding whole foods and products that are free of preservatives, added sugars, and colorants. Restaurants that choose to ignore these demands are slowly going out of business. Food providers that have found success in recent years have stuck with organic and allergen free ingredients. Health and wellness has become such an important topic that consumers are willing to spend more for healthier products. Consumers also expect transparency about ingredients as well as allergen and meat or dairy free alternatives.

Le Macaron is a dessert franchise that has managed to survive in the increasingly healthy food industry. While overly sweet and preservative filled dessert franchises like Auntie Anne’s or Cinnabon have fallen behind in recent years, Le Macaron’s light menu has allowed it to stay on top. While excess sugar is now known to be detrimental to health, experts have found it beneficial to health in moderate amounts. And while consumers are striving to be uber healthy, everyone enjoys a sweet treat now and then. The cookies of Le Macaron dessert franchise are the perfect sweet treat. At just 80 calories each, our handcrafted French delicacies are full of flavor and low in sugar compared to other desserts. All of our macarons are preservative free and made with gluten-free ingredients. Customers are pleased to know they can come to us for a dessert that they won’t feel guilty about later. Our perseverance to provide the highest quality desserts has lended us immense success and the ability to expand nationwide. If you are interested in the dessert franchise industry, don’t place your bets with overly-sweet, unhealthy competitors. Choose Le Macaron for a simply sweet chance at success.

Award Winning Franchise

Recognized many times, Le Macaron French Pastries is committed to bringing the highest quality service and products to the public.

A Truly Unique Flavor

In addition to fulfilling consumers' demands for healthy products, our cookies also represent a truly unique flavor and experience. Baked fresh by our head French chef Didier Saba, each and every one of our macarons is an embodiment of French sweetness. Macarons have a history that is as deep as their delicate flavor. A favorite among French people for hundreds of years, the macaron cookie is a unique twist on dessert. Le Macaron was founded with the mission to bring this famous French pastry to appreciative American consumers. A refreshing alternative to overly sweet ice creams, the macaron represents a delicious sweet treat that can connect people across cultures.

Our passion for healthy and traditional flavors has allowed our cookie franchise to find immediate success. Thousands of raving fans have made our nationwide expansion possible. We currently have 55+ locations and continuing to open kiosks and cafes across the nation. Contact us today to learn how you can open your very own Le Macaron cookie franchise.