Macarons: Successful Since the 16th Century and Now in a Bakery Franchise

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Sweet and delicate, colorful and bursting with flavor, the macaron is a traditional French cookie that has taken the world by storm. Le Macaron is a cookie franchise that has found incredible success in selling this famous sweet treat. Founded in 2009 by a French mother and daughter team, Le Macaron was created with the goal of sharing this famous French pastry with the American consumer. While the 2006 film Marie Antoinette helped expose the French pastry to the American public, the Le Macaron bakery franchise was key in sustaining consumer demand. The history of the famous cookie goes back much further than the 2006 film, however.

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While it was French bakers who developed the macaron into what it is today, the origins of the cookie began in Italy. As far back as the 8th century, Venitian monks were baking macaron-like cookies made of almonds, egg whites and sugar. It is reported that Catherien di Medici brought these famous cookies with her from Italy when she married Henri II, the future King of France. The sweet little almond cookies that her Italian chefs baked became a favorite in the Franch royal court and soon spread all over France. Local chefs adopted the recipe over time, and in the mid-1800s the first modern macaron of two delicate almond shells filled with buttercream was created in Paris by the Parisian pastry shop La Maison Ladurée. For the most part, the Ladurée recipe has remain unchanged; Le Macaron’s head chef Didier Saba bakes all of our cookie franchise macarons according to this traditional French recipe. Just as the macaron itself became world famous for its sweet and delicate flavor, Le Macaron has become famous across the United States.

Our bakery franchise now has over 50 locations and we are search for qualified entrepreneurs to join us in our mission to bring this historically famous cookie to consumers nationwide.

Award Winning Franchise

Recognized many times, Le Macaron French Pastries is committed to bringing the highest quality service and products to the public.

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Le Macaron’s History of Success

While our decade long history pales in comparison to the century old story of the macaron, our bakery franchise has been successful since day 1. The retail bakery industry is a $35 billion economic powerhouse and Le Macaron is leading the way. With 50+ locations spanned across the continental United States, each of our franchise owners averages $440,857 in annual sales. Our brand has become nationally recognized and is interchangeable with French cuisine. We have become known for consistent quality and delicious treats, something that our customers thank us for everyday. Le Macaron has the perfect cookie franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs who are looking to provide a customer positive experience in the retail bakery industry.

Take Advantage of The Sweet Cookie Franchise Opportunities Today

If you are excited about our sweet and successful cookie franchise opportunities, feel free to reach out today for more information. Centuries of history have proven that the macaron is here to stay. For a reliable business endeavour, you can count on this famously sweet French pastry.