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There’s good news for those wanting to open their own mobile franchise in the form of a food truck: the food truck industry is outpacing the restaurant industry at a rate of 5.5%, as opposed to a 4.3% growth rate for restaurants¹. Not only that, but when restaurants experienced losses and setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, food trucks were able to maintain a positive growth rate--especially when they made online ordering an option².


Le Macaron is proud to be a top bakery franchise that offer a mobile food truck option.

Discover Le Macaron French Pastries

Franchising gives us the edge for a win-win especially when you're equipped with the tools, resources and a passionate network of Le Macaron French Pastries franchise owners. Le Macaron French Pastries sees the time as now to leverage our unique niche opportunity with one of the most lucrative franchises.

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Truly Unique

From our authentically French recipes and premium French ingredients, all the way to the little details in design of our traditional pastry shop's and mobile kiosk, our French bakery franchise model is a fresh breath of air in every new market it opens in.

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Deliciously Simple

We handle all baking and preparation in our Le Macaron French Pastries Confectionary kitchens. By delivering all pastries fresh to each location, we effectively eliminate on-site production, making the operational aspect of running a Le Macaron French Pastries franchise that much easier and one of the cheapest restaurant franchises!

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Freedom In Flexibility

While we are relentless in our focus on earning high levels of economic achievement in every Le Macaron location, we believe that time is just as important as a commodity. Building a business that allows you new levels of freedom and flexibility is something all our Franchise Owners value.

front display case of french pastries
Beautiful Scalabilty

We offer traditional pastry shops, mobile kiosks, and food trucks to ensure there is a version of Le Macaron French Pastries for everyone! By combining and utilizing multiple models, there is an amazing opportunity for Franchise Owners to have numerous options to expand and scale their business and take advantage of cross-marketing and multiple revenue streams.

Best Bakery Franchise

If you’ve ever thought of purchasing a food truck through a Le Macaron bakery franchise, there are many benefits that come with it.

  • Less expensive - It only takes between $110,500-$156,000 to get a food truck up and running which is about $100,000 less than it can cost to open one of our brick and mortar shops. You can also open for business in less time.
  • Novelty is On Trend - 80% of customers report that they enjoy the food truck dining experience because it’s new, exciting and fun!³ They love finding unique, exotic foods like the gelatos, éclairs and pain au chocolats offered on the Le Macaron menu.
  • Excellent Returns - Our Franchise Owners bring in an average of $440,857 in annual gross revenue. With returns like that, you’ll soon have the option of expanding your operation by adding a brick and mortar shop or mobile kiosk.
  • Growing in Popularity - The food truck reputation is changing for the better. People see them as a way to try new foods and love the convenience, low price and short wait times they offer. Millennials and Gen Z-ers are especially keen on hitting the food truck scene, followed by consumers between the ages of 35-44.
  • Flexible Business Model - Running a bakery franchise food truck allows you to reach high foot traffic venues and to serve the public at community events or private celebrations. Being able to reach the consumer wherever they may be definitely works in your favor.


Le Macaron is one of the top providers of mobile french bakery franchises.


The bakery café segment is growing more than twice as fast as all other food segments and we've also seen strong gains in the gluten-free, preservative free and low-calorie consumption segment which are expected to grow 9.3% over the coming 8 years. When you introduce a Le Macaron French Pastries into your market you'll not only own the most innovative specialty retail concept of its kind, you'll also tap into a high growth market with tremendous revenue potential.

As you go through the education process, you'll have the opportunity to speak with our Development Manager and look through our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). As you learn more about the economics, you'll be able to build a business plan and performance forecast.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of our unit economics.

*As disclosed in our Item 19 of Le Macaron French Pastries Development, LLC's 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document. This figure reflects the average for the top quartile of 7 locations in the system, including 3 affiliate-owned and 4 franchise-owned locations. The results for new locations may differ from the represented performance. There is no assurance that you will sell as much.


Average Annual
Gross Revenues


Franchise Units Open


Additional Franchise
Units in Development

Satisfy Consumer Cravings

Nothing says delectably mouth watering like our colorful display of sweet treats. With a product range as varied as ice creams, cakes, pastries, chocolates, savories, beverages and candies, Le Macaron provides a wide selection of goodies to entice even the most discerning consumer. Our menu selections also make for novel gift ideas and are a popular favorite at parties and other gatherings.

Franchise Owners love that our menu items are never out of season and that we offer low-calorie, gluten-free options made of the finest ingredients. As an added bonus, we don’t have any direct competitors whose product creation is overseen by a professional French chef, who uphold as high a standard when it comes to how they source ingredients, and no other competitor sells such an impressive array of confections.

Take advantage of the unique niche we have within the market and help us spread some French amour to your area through a mobile franchise food truck. Reach out today to see what this opportunity could mean for you!

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