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There’s nothing like enjoying a fresh-baked treat, and it’s even better when that treat is an authentic French pastry that comes in a variety of colors and flavors! Want to go with something fruity? You might like a brightly colored Mango, Strawberry Key Lime, or Lemon. Your sweet tooth will love the Salted Caramel, Belgian Chocolate or Mint White Chocolate as well. With about twenty fun and exotic flavors to choose from, our macarons will leave you wishing you could sample every kind!

People are always on the look-out for something novel that also offers a unique culinary experience. We offer both at Le Macaron French Pastries. When patrons walk through our doors, they notice the chic color scheme, the artfully-made treats encased behind our glass displays, and a clean, welcoming atmosphere.

Semi-Absentee Ownership Model Enhances Flexibility

While we expect all Le Macaron Franchise Owners to be involved in their pastry franchise, the macaron kiosk presents a semi-absentee business model perfect for busy entrepreneurs. Once your Le Macaron kiosk is open, you can hire a full time manager to handle day-to-day operations. Your role as owner will be behind the scenes while your manager runs the stand and interacts with customers. This semi-absentee model allows for a more flexible schedule. Entrepreneurs interested in investing into multiple locations or kiosks will also benefit from hiring various managers. At Le Macaron, we understand the passion for growth. We are interested in working with individuals who wish to pursue multi-location pastry franchises. Whether it is a multiple macaron kiosks or a mix of cafes and carts, we are willing to work with qualified Franchise Owners in developing multi-unit models.

pastry franchise

If you’d like to bake up a successful pastry franchise for yourself, it only takes these basic qualities to do so:

Cookie Franchise Opportunities A Passion For Our Products

It goes without saying that you can’t sell a product you don’t love, so we hope that our French delicacies are something you get excited about. If you’re running a pastry franchise, you’ll want to stand behind the product 100% and uphold the brand.

Bakery Shop Franchise A Desire to Give Patrons an Experience

A patron is more likely to return to your store if he or she not only gets a bite of something delectable, but enjoys the atmosphere as well. We want everyone who steps through our doors to feel welcome and intrigued by the French decor and beautifully crafted candies, gelatos, cakes, and pastries. Customer satisfaction is a top priority to our Franchise Owners.

Pastry Franchise A Willingness to Work Hard

With the right amount of dedication and commitment to running a Le Macaron shop, Franchise Owners are willing to learn and will put in the hours it takes to get their stores up and running efficiently. Of course, you’re never alone as you take that journey with our support team and fellow Franchise Owners there to back you up, so there’s no need to take it on single-handedly.

French Pastry Franchise A Love For Your Community

The kinds of people who do the best running a franchise are natural community leaders. They might volunteer as soccer coaches, host neighborhood fundraisers, or spearhead a community clean-up day. Whatever the activity may be, it shows an eagerness to be involved, to serve and to make a difference. Le Macaron French Pastries strives to be a positive addition to any area.

French Bakery Franchise Leadership Skills and a Business Mindset

While it’s not necessary to have a distinguished career in business or even a related degree of any kind, we do hope our Franchise Owners have a basic interest and understanding of sound business concepts, as well as a desire to lead effectively.

Award Winning Franchise

Recognized many times, Le Macaron French Pastries is committed to bringing the highest quality service and products to the public.

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