Glace Pistache

The smooth, slightly sweet and earthy flavors of pistachios are divine. Combined with the creamy, richness of French gelato and you've got an incredibly sophisticated dessert! Considered a favorite among many gelato fanatics, our authentic glace pistache is made with real ingredients. Bright green pistachios, whole milk and sugar come together in a perfect balance to create this refreshing and delicious gelato. Try some today!

Cypress Gelato Near Me

Our French Gelato

Cypress Macaron - Glace pistache
Glace pistache
Cypress Macaron - Glace chocolat
Glace chocolat
Cypress Macaron - Glace caramel
Glace caramel
Cypress Macaron - French Sorbet
French Sorbet
Gelato Near Me Cypress

Gelato Near Me in Cypress

Sometimes ice cream just doesn't do the trick when you're in need of a refreshing, sweet treat. If you're searching for "gelato near me in Cypress" you'll find the smooth, creamy delicious you're looking for at Le Macaron. Our authentic French gelato is made with love so you can enjoy a delicious way to cool down on a hot summer day! Stop in to sample all of our flavors.

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