Macaron Birthday Cake

Love macarons? Why not celebrate with a giant one on your birthday! At Le Macaron in Cypress, we bake up something spectacular for special occasions - a large macaron of your choosing. Each big macaron shell is baked with the same perfection as our bite-sized treats and filled with your favorite ganache, buttercream or fresh fruit jam. Whether you're celebrating yourself, family member or beloved friend, our birthday cake macarons are sure to delight every guest!

Le Macaron is the top French cake bakery near you in Cypress that offers a variety of custom french birthday cakes and birthday cake macarons.

Our Cakes

Cypress Macaron - Macaron Cake
Macaron Cake
Cypress Macaron - Meringue
Cypress Macaron - Raspberry Cake
Raspberry Cake
Cypress Macaron - Gateau Choco-Coconut
Gateau Choco-Coconut
Cypress Macaron - Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake
If you are searching for best custom French cakes near me in Cypress, Le Macaron is the French bakery for you.

French Bakery Cakes Near Me in Cypress

For a truly special occasion, delight your guests with the delicious, indulgent decadence of Le Macaron French bakery. We can prepare gift boxes of macarons, stunning macaron towers or giant macaron cakes that are baked to perfection. If you're in need of a custom cake or catering for your next event, Le Macaron is the French bakery in Cypress that you can count on.

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