French Gelato in Canton

Dense, creamy and oh-so-sweet, gelato, or glace, is a favorite of French desserts. If you think gelato is just like ice cream, think again! Traditional American ice cream is airy and light, where French gelato is thick, creamy and custardy. Even more indulgent than Italian gelato, French glace is something that every ice cream lover should try.

At Le Macaron in Canton, we have three traditional glace flavors available: pistache, chocolat and caramel and a French sorbet for those who prefer fruity flavors. Can't decide between glace or macarons? Try our Glace Macaron, a macaron gelato cookie sandwich!

Canton Gelato

Our French Gelato

Canton Macaron - Glace pistache
Glace pistache
Canton Macaron - Glace chocolat
Glace chocolat
Canton Macaron - Glace caramel
Glace caramel
Canton Macaron - French Sorbet
French Sorbet
Canton French Dessert

Gelato Near Me in Canton

If you're searching for a gelato shop in your area, Canton Le Macaron is where you'll find traditional and indulging flavors. Stop in and cool down with our ice cold glace and invite a friend or two to share.

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