Rosalie Guillem: Creating Opportunities for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Posted on Sep 18th 2018


Rosalie Guillem: Creating Opportunities for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

People from all over the world move to the United States to chase their dreams. Rosalie Guillem, CEO and Co-Founder of Le Macaron French Pastries was no different.

In the early 2000s, Rosalie Guillem made the moved from France to the United States. Almost immediately, Rosalie realized how much she missed her family and began developing a business plan to help bring everybody back together.

It didn't take long until Le Macaron French Pastries was born.

Le Macaron opened its first doors in 2009 in Sarasota, Florida and then started franchising, three years later. Today, Le Macaron spans coast-to-coast with over 50 stores - and that's just the start. Just like Rosalie, many of these store owners are immigrants. Rosalie sat down with Laurel Mintz to talk about the past, the present, the future, what it takes to build a macaron empire, and what it means to be able to create opportunities for immigrant entrepreneurs.

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Laurel Mintz: What is your favorite part about starting this company?

Rosalie Guillem: My business has grown to 50 locations and the majority are operated by immigrant entrepreneurs. We gross over $11 million in annual sales and it's amazing to see the company I built bring success to others who have a similar story to mine. I always knew Le Macaron French Pastries would change my life, but I never knew the rippling effect it would have on other immigrants. They have become some of America's most inventive and successful business people, and it's humbling to know we have contributed to that.

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