Meet The Mother-Daughter Duo Bringing French Pastries To The U.S.

“We decided to build something new,” Guillem said. She wasn’t quite sure what to do but she thought she could bring together her French and American sides in a family business. “So I was thinking what do we have in France that I’m not able to find in the U.S.?”

The idea came to her when her husband was on a business trip in Paris. “I used to send my husband, when he was traveling, to buy me some macarons. It was the only way to find them,” She said. “And I thought, ‘Oh it would be great to share my love, my passion for the macaron with all the American people.”

So the mother-daughter duo opened the doors to Le Macaron French Pastries pastry shop in Sarasota, Florida. “We opened during the great recession in September 2009, and it was very difficult because all the stores they were closing and we just decided to open our store.”

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