Spring Into The Pastry Niche!

Spring Into The Pastry Niche!

As the owner of a French bakery franchise, you can enjoy all the benefits of providing top-quality pastry items in an industry that has seen modest increases in the last five years. According to IBIS World, the industry has faced challenges during that time period such as an increase in input costs, which has propelled product prices upward as well while keeping demand low. Products with a pre-unit price, however, have seen growth and this has driven an increase in revenue.

Pastries Franchise Projections

Over the next few years, IBIS expects baking product franchises, such as a macaron bakery franchise, to continue to experience modest growth of about 0.6 percent. Revenue projections for the next five years are expected to top out at about $39.9 billion for the baked products industry as a whole. An increase in competition — including from foreign markets — will increase both imported items as well as items that are exported.

Profits for the next five years are projected to improve slightly due to a stabilization in ingredient prices. Expected acquisitions as well as mergers are also expected to increase profit margins within the industry.

Carving Out a Niche

Locations in non-traditional areas and spaces bring more exposure to opportunities such as a pastries franchise. While there are still lots of food franchises located as stand-alone stores, as well as those that offer drive-through service, some franchises provide franchisees with the ability to offer more focused services such as catering and delivery. Still others might offer their wares inside a larger store or at a pop-up location. Niche markets are expected to propel the industry upward as well – increasing the potential opportunity for our french bakery franchise owners. This trend reflects consumers’ demands for healthier options, such as gluten free products and those with added organic sweeteners.

Franchises continue to reinvent themselves to meet the market demand. Food franchises are especially adept at doing so. Investing in such an opportunity provides you with the ability to enjoy a diverse industry whose market share is projected to increase in 2016, as well as in the long-term future. Find out more about how you can own your own pastries franchise!


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