Le Macaron Westshore Plaza Featured In Tampa Bay Scene

Le Macaron Westshore Plaza Featured In Tampa Bay Scene


Le Macaron Is Le Good

You are venturing the sidewalks of WestShore Plaza trying to escape the smoldering summer heat. Most of all, you are trying to ease the sweets craving you’ve been having all day. Make your way to Le Macaron for the ultimate satisfaction.

Cool, chic and quaint, Le Macaron is a one-stop shop for exquisite desserts fashioned for weddings, anniversaries, holidays or plain old self-indulgence. Here, you are invited to sit back and indulge in life’s beauties with an extravagant french flare.


The boutique is adorned with a posh decor, consisting of a sleek black leather couch, pink chairs and a slew of French regalia. The crisp white walls of Le Macaron welcome you with a pleasant “bonjour.”

The delightful scent of fresh ground coffee beans saturates the air. Handmade macarons crusted with slivered almonds and tangy meringue tease your eyes and your appetite. Each tiny pastry is filled with an individual creamy flavor — Madagascar black vanilla, Sicilian pistachio, candied ginger chocolate, Colombian coffee. A tempting assembly of embellished fine chocolates are lined behind the display case. Warm croissant, madeleines and pain au chocolat pastries sit beside them.

You gasp in awe of the treasures that lie before you. It’s clear your taste buds have an expensive taste today. Each macaron costs $2.60. However, you must pay to play in the big leagues, right?